King Louis the Goat

Ok, so the leader of the US may be an ass, but last week the King of Ireland was a goat.

[quote]DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuters) – A goat named Louis was crowned King of Ireland on Thursday in one of the country’s oldest festivals.

Each year a wild male mountain goat is caught in the foothills of Carrauntoohill, Ireland’s highest mountain, and paraded through the country town of Killorglin as part of the Puck Fair – an annual festival of music, drinking and dancing.

The goat then reigns for three days from a platform 15 meters (50 ft) above the town’s streets. . .

This year’s King Puck is named Louis after the French Sun King and has an almost 70-cm (27-inch) horn span. He is kept in a special pen during his reign and fed a regular mountain diet of nuts, wild herbs, holly leaves, saplings and tender grasses.

Louis will be dethroned and returned to the wild on Saturday.[/quote] … king.reut/

King Louis?

No lascivious comments from the Kiwis, please. :wink:

“Gee, is that relly rell herr from King Loo-iss the goat king of Ayurlann?”
“'Tis indeed Sore, only farty savan million euro to yer good salf”
“Gash, how much is that in dallars?”
“Now I couldn’t tall ye that, so, but it’s very cheap sure Phyllis from Ballymagorran’s after buyin’ farty far her we’uns fer Chrissmuss loike”
“Wow, Ah’ll take uh two boxes an wunna tham thar shillaylees. Do yuh take Umurrikun Uckspress?”
“Indeed I do! Been taking it for the shingles this ten years now! How did ye know? Only caddin’! I never go home wittout one! Hahaha! Right you are then. Don’t forget the luck penny now there, Sur.”


“Would you be interested at all in a tour of Yeat’s outside lavatory?”


…and the good people of Kerry deserve that tourist money! :sunglasses: a bit of bias there. :wink:

Caherconree makes Carantouhill look dull…I wish I was sitting on the stones of Cu Roi mac Daire’s fort now!! (probably raining anyway…)