King of Taiwan?

Who needs a republic? Royalty would certainly bring a much needed breath of class to this burg. Imagine…tens of thousands of young Taiwanese maidens journey to Taipei for a live televised ceremony. The mind boggles. … d_dance_dc

Er . . . but Taiwanese chicks don’t have any breasts to show off.

More than a handful’s a waste. :wink:

More than a handful’s a waste. :wink:[/quote]

But less than a mouthful’s a shame. :wink:

The Reed Dance … nted=print

The Rhino Puzzle

I’m not going to post it here, but the front page of today’s China Post (the Chinese language edition) blared a large color photo of a line of half-naked women shaking their bare breasts. I was a bit taken aback, of course, which isn’t to say I didn’t give the front page photo a proper study.

There’s a Chinese-language edition of the China Post?

Well, that was the English name on the paper. I think it might have been “South China Post” or something. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s one of the major local dailies sold in the 7-11. Catch it while you can.

I didn’t know the China Post is in English. :laughing:

mod lang, you mean down there in Tai Nan you doesnt know the diff between the CHINA POST and the SCMP? How long you been in this country come island cum banana republic cum betel nut initiative? Now i understand all your other posts completely! You are just a country boy in the middle of nowhere and you shoot fast!

Just kidding. love ya, mod.

Right…like gold or any other precious thing… :unamused: