King Richard 111 body found after 500 years

After all that time the last English King to die in battle. Remains found (under a car park!) :ponder:

Sorry ,I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Perhaps the camping stores in Taiwan can have that old slogan again… a sale in King Richard 111’s honour.

‘Now is the winter of our discount tents’.

Pretty much everything is underneath a car park these days, innit.

Some of the ones in my hometown have these signs beside them. The signs are of an attractive, somewhat ornate design that’s intended to evoke a sense of the past. Each sign is all of one piece, the sign and the signpost, and it’s made of cast iron. The signs and their signposts are painted, and they’re usually well-maintained, and they have raised white letters that say in essence, “Some beautiful or interesting or important thing used to be here.”

I remember that once in a great while, some citizens used to get together and start a “Save the [Whatever]” campaign. When the campaign was over, we had a new sign. But I don’t think we’ll have those campaigns anymore, and I don’t think we’ll see any new signs, because everything has already been saved and signed.

Then again, maybe people will grow attached to the parking facilities, and one day there will be new construction projects, and there will be “Save the [Whatever] Parking Facility” campaigns, followed by more signs.

I like the cast iron, though. It’s a nice touch. The signposts are painted a nice, tasteful color, too. What’s that color? I think it’s called teal. Anyway, they’re very attractive.

Yikes! My dad’s ghost must have whispered that in your ear. It looks like one of his puns.

another gem from England :slight_smile: