"Kingnet" internet provider

Does anyone know https://top1.kingnet.net.tw/ ?

They seem to offer service in some community buildings. So far I was happy with CHT FTTB (actually FTTH) 300/100 for around NTD 1200.

Kingnet offers “up to 200M” download for less than half of this cost, and according to Google translate claims “Use Chunghwa Telecom’s fiber optic lines to increase bandwidth but not price”.

Of course it’s obvious they can’t offer the same things for less cost, but I wonder what they actually do. I didn’t find that on the website, or at least not clearly. My best guess based on this page is they rent one or several thick lines from CHT, and then inside a multiple apartment building have their own routing infrastructure. So I would expect shared bandwidth, especially since they mention “70M-200M”. Also, they seem to only offer prepaid for a year or two.

Now raw bandwidth doesn’t need to be a problem, since I don’t download much… But streaming Netflix and playing online games requires a certain minimum quality (latency, minimum bandwidth, …). Also, not sure how well separated from each other users are, how the upload speed us, and whether or not you get real IPV4 addresses.

Anyone with some experience?

Community Internet is god awful in my experience.

One: It’s shared. It will slow down in times of peak demand.
Two: Companies that run these schemes are usually small. I would have major issues at night with connectivity and customer service closes at 21.00. You’re shit outta luck until they get in at 8 or 9 the next morning.
Three: They’re often firewalled. Certain things like torrents, some gaming or using a NAS for direct connections to the outside world are difficult because you often don’t have control over the ports and can’t open them yourself. They might open a couple specific ones for you but there are tens of thousands of ports and if you plan to do a bit more…some are more lenient, others are more strict. You’ll be shit outta luck.

Taiwan Mobile has home broadband at a stable 120mbps PLUS unlimited 4G for $999/m That’s $499.50 each.

Much better deal and I will be taking advantage of that.


Good points, thank you. Port blocking, NAT problems, support… All of them can be major issues.