Kings of Leon in Ireland: Help!

Ok, where in Ireland should I see the American rock band Kings of Leon?

2008/12/19 - Dublin, Ireland - O2 Arena
2008/12/20 - Belfast, UK - The Odyssey Arena

I guess I want to be talked into Belfast, since I want to work that Friday. However, I have never been in Ireland so wtfk, and if I want I can can back things up a day.

Belfast: haven’t I seen films like “The Boxer” and isn’t the IRA some entity that might arouse more than idle curiosity if not outright apprehension especially if one values one’s kneecaps?

Dublin: isn’t that where Van Morrison comes from, and isn’t it the home of Guinness? And JP Donleavy as well as other perhaps more famous, perhaps classic, novelists? Who were basically unconcerned with kneecaps and human will?

Aunty? Anybody?!?

I’m nobody in this sense, as I’ve never been to either place, but I’ve been having Irish dreams lately. Saw someon having Irish Stew and Guinness on the telly and it looked so damn delicious! Plus, the emerald beauty of the the countryside photos never fails to take my breath away. /

Van Morrisson is from Belfast. Drink is cheaper in Belfast. Ergo, Belfast.