Kitchen Design - help please

we are buying a new complete kitchen with burner, sink,
cabinets, and counter top. We already installed pinkish
reddish tile floor, and will paint the walls a light green (unless
other suggestions about the walls), our question is what
color should we use for the Kitchen cabinets ? We will
use a white counter top or marble white, but I am stumped
as to what type of Kitchen cabinets goes with our walls and
floor tiles. Any good design help is very much appreciated.


Post photos of what you’ve got, and photos of your color swatches; add a sketch of your layout, and then maybe someone can Photoshop a composite that you can plug different colors into to see how it looks.
Free download and good for 30 hours (extra for recharge)
Draw it out and play with the colors, will render a nice jpeg and also produce cad layout.


thanks for kitchen draw, but I am lost the program too
complicated for me. Could you possibly draw a picture
of the description below so I can see how it looks. and upload It is a lot
to ask, thankyou so much:

Description of Proposed Kitchen:

Floor: Red to Pinkish Stone Tile floor

Walls: Yellow or Tan Color

Kitchen Cabinets: Wood Color, Brown or Tan (cabinets are on both
wall and on bottom standard.

Design is “L” Shaped as here: -----------

  • bottom vertical two lines supposed to be on the right ==> the formatting
    on this message box may have moved the lines to the left, it is supposed
    to be "L’ shaped.

Design from left to right: Burner, Counters, Window with counter,
more counter… from top Going down now … counter, sink, counter, refrigerator.

Counter: is White marble
Thankyou so much for your kind help ! Ric

check back tonight, I’ll post it.

Thanks I’ll check back tonight