Kitten stuck in car

Wow, what a morning. There is a kitten stuck under a hood of a car outside my school. It took about an hour and a half to ask around, poke around…call around. In the end I went to a police station and a police officer came with me. He poked around too, but said that he isn’t allowed to pop the hood.

Then the firefighters came…they also aren’t allowed to unlock the car. In the end they found the owner’s adress, went there, found out he works at a bank, and will go home at 6pm. The police asked the neighbour to remind the owner of the car to pop the hood open.

A lot of fuss and not much was done, but it’s better than them rolling their eyes and saying that it’s not worth the trouble. Wish they could have called the owner, and the owner gave permission to pop the hood.

Poor thing…its screaming blue murder.

Hopefully the car owner will hear the kitten. I really hope he doesn’t forget to pop the hood before starting the car.

The neighbour will remind him. After he gets home? :loco:

A friend of mine started his car one day and found out only much later that there had been a kitten under the hood (I guess it had been sleeping there due to the warmth). It died as a result of him running the engine, and he had an awful mess to clean up, hours later. I hope you have posted a notice on the driver’s window, just in case that neighbor doesn’t warn him in time.

Sorry, Battery9 - was that why you called me?

I didn’t get a chance to return the call.

Hope all is well.

Well…I ended up sitting next to the car until 7.50pm. The owner got the message from the owner…
I got it out of there…and it was pretty calm. Now I got it home, and its NOT a happy camper! Extremely dirty too…propably from being under the hood for a couple of days.

I can’t keep it in my house, my roomate is extremely allergic to cats. What do you guys think…its obviously a stray…should I just let it go?

Seeing that she is completely wild and thrashing about…not even wanting to eat food…I will just get her vaccinated and let her go…

Stick a blanket over the box and leave it with the food for a while. It’ll probably settle.

How old is the kitten? If it’s younger than a couple of months, it can still be tamed. If it’s too old…it will always be a wild cat, so you have to set it free.

It does look younger than a couple of months. About one month is my guess. Maybe one and half considering it’s a stray. Just a guess, mind.

But at least he’s not stuck in a car anymore.

Good job with this rescue!!! :bravo: Taiwan needs more people like you! :sunglasses:

I guess you just have to let the roommate go… :slight_smile:


If it was sickly, I would have tried harder to care for it…but boy, this was a little rat on speed! Seriously, it didn’t stop meaaauwing for 12 hours ! I took it to the vet first, to check if it was sick…and the vet told me that its 3 months old. We fed it, gave it a ‘boost’ shot, seeing that it was propably stuck for more than 24 hours…and I took it home.

After checking those websites with a thousand white and brown cats, I decided that it will propably be better off free than waiting in a cage. I took it back to the vet, had it vaccinated…then put it under a bunch of bushes that had a canopy over it, inside a box with a blankie, food and water. Right next to a night market…where it can hopefully find food at night.

Named it Eli…hoping it would have a long life:)

At least it wasn’t from the SPCA this time. It looks like a smaller version of my cat. Sorry that you had to let it go. :frowning: