Kiwi getting a Taiwanese passport

So my parents married in Taiwan (a long time ago), and my mother is Taiwanese. We currently live in New Zealand, I’m thinking of moving over there in the next couple of years so was hoping to be able to get a Taiwanese passport(NZ allows dual citizenships). I’m going over there for a month starting next week, and I was wondering how much it could cost, paperwork I could bring, how long it would take and stuff like that. Also, I’ve read that if you’re under the age of 20 then it should be easier for me to get it.

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If your mother is a ROC national and you were born after 1980, then you have ROC nationality from birth. Your first place to ask should be the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New Zealand. They should let you know what documents you need to obtain. You might actually have all documents already depending on your situation. Keep in mind that you should not enter on a foreign passport in case you wish to apply for a ROC passport when you are in Taiwan.

You will find the information you need in dual citizenship forum.

These two are recent threads which should be useful for you. The situation in the 2nd one is different, but some info in the thread will be still useful.