Kiwi University Programs in Electronics

I’m an American mechanical engineer with my own business in Taipei and need to upgrade my skills in electronics. I’m considering taking EE courses at the U. of Auckland or Manukau Institute of Technology because of quality, cost and proximity to my business interests in Asia. Would someone familiar with these universities advise me as to which would be the better choice?

Thank you.

I have no idea which would suit you best as I’ve not been to either, but here’s my quick rundown of them.

Auckland Uni is in a great location, not far (10 mins walk) from the centre of the city whereas MIT is in South Auckland (Otara to be exact, which is a fairly poor area with a bad reputation. A bus trip may take about 30mins from Central Akl.). I have heard good things about MIT though and I imagine it’d be a somewhat smaller / more personal / hands-on and possibly cheaper place to learn. Both are modern institutions with good reputations.

If there is anything special you’d like to know about each, I’d be happy to help out.