KK fonts with MS Word and Tavultesoft Keyman

I know that the International Phonics Association provides or can tell you about many special phonics symbols, several sets of which KK symbols are derived from. I am trying to kind a way of finding a set of KK phonics on the Internet, or catalog KK phonics from the phonics sets from which they are dervied. Then I want to use them in MS Word 2003.

I am aware that word has many such fonts already installed, and I have downloaded IPA sets from the internet, but the problem is finding a convenient way of using them on MS Word. I have tried something called Tavultesoft Keyman, which allows the symbold to be mapped onto a keyboard, and further allows a visuall keyboard which shows the mapped phonics symbols. Trouble is that the documentation is so poor that I dont know how to do this, or how to find a virsuall keyboard file that will allow KK symbols to be mapped onto the visual keyboard automatically.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can you give me any advice?

set up the accessibility options in XP to show Onscreen keyboard. Open the onscreen keyboard, and choose the font you want displayed on the visual keyboard.

Works well.


I was hoping to get a complete set of KK phonetic symbols which doesnt push me to keep switching between font sets. Any ideas?