KMT legislators don't know women in KTV's are hostesses

In a new step up of stupidity comments in Taiwan, KMT legislators that where caught drinking with hostesses in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, during their tour there to inspect the status of the three mini direct links between Taiwan’s outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu and mainland China’s Xiamen and Fuzhou, sayd to news that they didn’t knew that the girls are hostesses :smiling_imp: :notworthy:
They commented that they went to a nightclub, and that there were some girls in the bar… probably, as they must be some hunks, they where all impressed by their phisical appearance, so they wanted to be with them…
Or, they where inspecting the quality of the hostess service in Fuzhou, so that they can establish a direct link from Matsu there.

Come on, you were caught in a KTV bar… are you guys so dumb to think that anyone with a sane mind will ever hear you guys saying that blunt lie and won’t laugh on your face? :loco:
How can you be lawmakers when you are so innocent??? :noway:

Thats their story and they’re sticking to it…:smiley:

…never worked for me… :homer:

I can’t understand what is wrong with having a few light ales with scantily clad ok I’ll stop there.

A case of making a mountain out of a mole.

Just given the night club culture in Japan, Korea, HK and the rest of East Asia I don’t really see the problem.

I wonder if their wives could see the problem?

well, if they where with the 5 chicks on the bar, no problem, but to come out and say that they where unaware they where hostesses makes you feel like watching a Benny Hill sketch… and believe me, Benny Hill could make it funnier…

But we have to understand that the guys where there, in the end of the world, all alone… why not get some attention on their ego?

Come on. I have been dragged to such places several times by suppliers. The lasses fill your glasses and talk to you for an evening at a reasonable fee.

Unless you buy them out, not much interesting about that.


Mr He, visits to company’s libraries for social studies are not the same as legislators going to nightclubs. But my problem is not them going to a nightclub… it is the degree of stupidity you have to have to make an excuse like that…

Come on… be serious ok?
I don’t go to those places because my wife also doubles as IPO… so I allways get an excuse for not to be dragged there…

Face saving explanation I would say.

i would rather admit it. After all, I don’t think that a normal thinking wife would raise a stink just because her SO had a young Chinese women serving him drinks. You don’t need to go screw them after all.

Well, you can save your face by telling that they where dragged there by the PRC Secret Police or whatever…
Their explanation is not saving face, it is putting down the intelligence of the Taiwanese public… you really have to be very stupid to make a lie like that… but hey, they are the KMT, so for sure a lot of people will think that they are really innocent…

I wonder if their wives could see the problem?[/quote]

Usually not because it is not broadcasted on TV so no one really loses face. Because for the most part these establishments are non sexual. You just tip the hostess to pour drinks and listen to guys banter.

Like when rich wives goto “Friday” clubs to dance with attractive young men.

the guy didn’t loose face, but will be known for a long time as a dork

Because they had few drinks in the PRC?

no, because he affirmed he was in a nightclub with girls and didn’t knew they where hostesses…

that goes for “idiot explanation of the year” award

Because hostesses are lesser beings?

I see nothing wrong with a little light entertainment. A stimulating evening spent in deep philosphical discussion. No doubt that’s the reason for the chaps’ perplexity as to the nature of the women’s occupation.

Let’s say these people arrived in the USA and they were taken to a strip club by their host. Would that be consider bad, or because stripper are pretty hard to be mistaken to be someone in another occupation there would be no faux pas.

Or go the Japanese way, where hostess club have both hostess and stripper available under 1 roof.

It must be tough to be a politician in Taiwan. All that power and no one to impress with. The wives are certainly not impressed (or is that just mine):slight_smile:

Anyway, go to a KTV and have a sing along with some hostesses, who cares. Go to a strip bar, now that’s crossing that moral boundary.

So you advocate adultery and sexual promiscuity? Or is it just OK for married politicians to fool around on their wives? Is it just OK because this is the party you support? Or are you pretending that these guys aren’t sleazeballs because it’s embarrassing to support slims like this but you have to 'cause they’re you’re party?

After some thought, I guess you’re right. Polygamy should be OK. Adultery is fine as long as it’s only men who do it. Prostitution is OK but only in countries where the men buy girls all the time.