KMT prevails in council elections

Here is one source, although really biased: … 2003295313

Couldn’t resist, picture of KMT officials doing the Sieg Heil / Sieg Hitler, fun!

Are you really unaware of how ROC officials take oaths?

The only thing Taiwanese about you is your last name (note: author making assumption here that ShrimpCracker actually uses a Chinese…er… Taiwanese last name), and your pretend political identity.

Here’s Chen Shui-bian doing his own impressions:

When I was young, and the Cold War was still around, my teacher once said that in Communist nations you are taught to think like your peers and not individually, and one of the consequences was an utter lack of humor.

Apparently some stereotypes ring true.


So your teacher wanted to teach you how to be a class clown?

If you value individuality, why do you parrot the TI herd? Shouldn’t you go against the TI group mentality and become more diverse like the Chinese or the Americans?


So your teacher wanted to teach you how to be a class clown?

If you value individuality, why do you parrot the TI herd? Shouldn’t you go against the TI group mentality and become more diverse like the Chinese or the Americans?[/quote]
Class clown? I never had the misfortune of being ‘AC Dropout’.

Diverse like the Chinese? I thought the PRC said that 99% of Chinese opposed Taiwanese Independence. Hypocrite?

Stop the presses! AC Dropout implies that Taiwan Independence is most popular and unoriginal in Taiwan, which is why one should look to the Chinese and the Americans. He’s officially lost it.

Anyway this whole seig heil saluting thing is just funny. Yes its been around for ages, but after being tarnished by the Nazi’s… it seems somewhat archaic.

That’s what the government says.

But if you took the time to get to know the Chinese, instead of just hanging out with a small subgroup of Chinese that believe in TI, you would see it is very diverse group. Not to mention out of the Chinese ethnic group, not many people care about the Strait Issue.

To be quite honest Chinese TI nutters are up there with Chinese FLG nutters when it comes to social standing in the Chinese community at large.

Why do they HAVE to salute or make a gesture in such an ostentatious fashion?

It all looks like Hitler Youth to me.

Sieg Hiel!

The KMT won over the USA as it ally. What you are witnessing is the KMT legacy in the USA. Don’t mistaken the KMT hard won alliance with the USA as support for TI. The Taiwan Causus doesn’t have the money or experience to out-lobby the PRC groups in the USA now.

You know the Wall St. saying from 1 penny to 2 pennies is 100% growth, but still can’t do much with 2 pennies.

Also a KMT legacy due to Germany’s close ties with ROC prior to WWII. Much of ROC courts and laws are based on the German system.

I’d also say 99% of Americans are against, say, terrorist bombings by Islamic fundamentalists. Hopefully that doesn’t change your opinion of diversity in America.

As far as your sense of humor goes, I stand corrected. Your ignorance of Taiwanese issues doesn’t sink that low, after all. Good to know!

By the way, anyone else thinks CSB looks extraodinarily goofy in that second photo?

Agreed, maybe AC supports terrorist bombings by Islamic Fundamentalists… in his book its ‘individual thought’ in action.

I’m glad that you stand corrected. But then again, it happens really often for you two doesn’t it?

And… they ALL LOOK GOOFY. What kind of silly regime brought all this Seig Heil stuff to Taiwan? Oh wait…

The same silly regime that can’t get enough BMW and Mercedez imported onto the island.

If an Islamic Fundamentalists committed a homicidal attack screaming “In the name of Allah free Taiwan.” That’s an individual.

the funniest part is that no one is actually talking about the elections and the candidates itself, just about some stupid gesture they learned from the nazis (I think CKS should have also made it when proclaming the Cairo Declaration, it would surelly be funny…)

Oh wait, there’s nothing to talk about, just the same political crap you see in Taiwan (a lot of candidates indicted for corruption and vote-buying, you know the drill)…

That’s because the Nazi don’t have the same connotation in Asia as they do in Europe and the Americas. They were ally to various countries in Asia at various times.

Nazi bars/cafe and Nazi symbols are pretty common in Asia and no one really cares. Could also be the lack of Jews and other nationalities that were victims of Nazi aggression in Asia.

This thread was meant to Bash KMT Councilmen for giving the Hitler/Roman salute. However, a poster pointed out that the exalted Chen Shuibian also made the salute in his 2 inaugurations

[quote]The association with Nazism has been so strong that the salute has rarely been used by non-Nazi organizations since the end of World War II. There are several exceptions; one is the Republic of China (Taiwan), where the salute is still used during the swearing of oaths in inaugurations.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the original point of this post was that the KMT swept Kaohsiung City council with a pack of criminals. In fact, isn’t this the same council in which President Chen personally stopped DDP councilmen from endorsing a known criminal for council speaker? But I guess this was all before Lien Chan, James Soong, and Mr. Clean himself, Ma Ying Jeou, attended a wedding hosted by a known felon.

Now that the Pan-Blue leadership has redefined corruption and honesty, I guess they figure they can do anything they want.