KMT Rallies to Save Taiwan

[quote]The crowd, consisting of only about half of the 100,000 people that KMT organizers had hoped for, began the march yesterday at the site of the old Songshan Tobacco Factory and ended up in front of the Presidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard.

Taipei housewife Yang Mei-li said she did not support unification with China, but believed that Chen’s policies were undermining Taiwanese economic growth.

“All we want is to raise Taiwan’s living standards so we can have a better life,” she said. “But Chen is coming up with all kinds of political ploys.”

The president’s push to terminate the National Unification Council did not help his party’s electoral fortunes in one of its strongholds on Saturday.

The KMT won a legislative by-election in Chiayi City, allowing the party to draw even in the 221-seat Legislature with the DPP as the largest political force, with control over 88 seats.

Ma promised that the KMT would not be an inefficient opposition party, and would actively push legislation for its policies.

Echoing Ma, Soong said Taiwan’s people have the power to live, and declared that “suicide and independence were not Taiwanese options.”[/quote]

You said it Soong. If you keep this up, China will welcome you with your own “Grandpa, you’ve come back!” play.

What do you know about the “Grandpa” play. You don’t even understand Chinese.

Yeah I do speak Chinese. I’m sorry but you must’ve been stalking the wrong person.

zeugmite sometimes gets confused about whose legs he’s trying to cut out. real classy huh?

But Soong has already been to the Mainland as a honored guest. Has anyone from the DPP?

There is only one side that can broker the peace between Taiwan and China, that is the Blue side.

Even the lowest KMT janitor has better chance of getting invited to the mainland, than the illegal President of ROC, Taiwan from the DPP.

CSB and Soong corruption level are about the same now. But only one of them got invited. Keep up the good work pan-Green.

CSB is a vindictive one. He has hinted many times that he really wants to be the one to break the ice with Beijing, hence all the secret messages to Beijing via Soong, etc. But then Lian and Soong got too much spotlight, and CSB kept getting slapped down (half expecting it by the way he made up those half-hearted “olive branches”), so he went and got all pouty and totally broke off his agreement with Soong.