KMT sleeping with the enemy - CKS and CCK rolling in their graves


The KMT of Chiang Kaishek and Chiang Ching-kuo were not saints and did some deplorable things in Taiwan, but they should be commended for one thing: Their uncompromising anti-communist mindset.

The old KMT knew Beijing’s dirty tricks and Machiavellian mindset up close and personal dating to their mainland China years. Back in the day in Taiwan, if you harbored pro-communist sympathies or had close contact with the PRC, you would be executed by the KMT for treason.

Today’s KMT is a far cry from the staunch anti-PRC mindset of Chiang Kaishek and Chiang Chingkuo. Instead you find the KMT and its prospective presidential candidates eager to cozy up with Beijing and bend over backwards to PRC pressure, actions that would have been unthinkable during the Chiang era.

The KMT is letting itself be used as tools by Beijing to fulfill the PRC’s agenda. Meanwhile the DPP has taken over the old KMT mantle of standing up to Beijing, while moderating its pro-independence platform. Tsai may have her shortcomings, but at least she is showing spine with regards to Beijing. That is why Washington respects her.

Chiang Chingkuo was a real man who knew how to stand up to Beijing. Today’s KMT (Eric Chu, Han Guoyu, Terry Gou and company) are sissies in comparison, eager to sell out Taiwan and become Xi Jinping’s bitch. Once KMT outlives its usefulness and Xi is done using them, Xi will flush them down the toilet.

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Well said!!!


Thought you were going to link to this article I read in the TT yesterday.