Knee problems

In short: I need a knee doctor, preferably near Chiayi or Taichiung

Hi everybody, a few months ago I took up jogging to keep off the cigarettes and got pretty into it. Unfortunately I was reasonably overweight, still am, but one night a really long run screwed up my knee. I thought it was just overuse but here i am months later with an inability to be able to run for even a few minutes before I get searing pain. Its fine when I walk though and I go about my day without any problems, unless I go downstairs a lot. Any ideas? I went to a local doctor and he honestly scared me what he did. And as usual just prescribed medicine and told me it would be fine. I’m going to a big hospital early next week hopefully to get an xray or maybe a name. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Stretch. A lot. Especially if you run. Unless you have very good technique, the muscles around your knee will take a real pounding from road running. They’ll also shorten as they strengthen. This shortening can cause severe knee pain.

And stretch correctly. Don’t strain, but learn to feel your hammy and your quad group actually lengthening as you gradually pull 'em out. Learn how to bring that ‘full length, relaxed muscle’ feeling into your consciousness.

PS How old are you?

The older you are, the more careful you need to be. As in don’t rush things. And the more you need to get religion about it. Old time religion. Every day, maybe twice or more, depending on your workout frequency and intensity. Your muscles will stretch easier, ie faster, if they’re warm as in post-run warm. It’ll take some time, but dedicate yourself to taking that time daily. Always always always stretch fully after working out. Never miss that opportunity. Cut your workout short if that’s the only way you can fit in a post-workout stretch. Especially if you’re older than 35 or so.

PPS All of the above will work for most anybody, no matter your age.

Best of luck.

Push to get an MRI - that’s the only way to be sure that you haven’t damaged your tendons.

Well I ended up going to a big hospital in Chiayi and they actually had a knee sports doctor. couldn’t believe it. Anyways I got an x-ray, showed no bone damage so I have an MRI next week. Signs point to a lateral meniscus tear. not fun.

I did the meniscus thing. It can be painful but you should consider this moderately good news it that is all it is. You may be able to escape with no surgery or only minor surgery. If you can walk without pain that is a good sign as well. You may only have acute tendinitis. That would cute itself if you do not aggravate it or try to run again before you are healed. The MRI should reveal all. Good luck.

Send updates.

Please say the doctors demanded you wear a knee brace to reduce pressure on the ligaments in the meantime? Very important to get one with metal supports in the side and often an open kneecap is best.

Good luck!

Leave knee surgery as a LAST resort, man. Something like 40% of knee surgery leaves you worse off two years after the surgery. I speak from experience.

Fully agree. As someone who is involved with peddling some of this stuff…wait as long as you can. Techniques and technology are improving all the time but still not as good as the original.

Hate to say it, but…don’t run. Seriously, running is a crap shoot. Some people can run all their lives without problems, while others phug their knees up and pay for the rest of their lives. But you don’t know which of those two camps you fall into until something bad happens (i.e. if something bad hasn’t happened yet you might have Superman knees, but you can never be sure).

Ride a bike and walk.


Ride a bike and walk.[/quote]
Fair advice. But…SWIM!

Where does it hurt? Outside of the knee? If it is the outside that is usually a combination of Hip weakness/IT band tightness. In cases like that, treatments usually look something like:

First rest until the pain settles

Stretch: ( order of importance )
IT band ( massage, foam roller is good here too )
Quads ( especially outer )

Gluteus Medius and Maximus
Quads ( inner ---- if that’s even possible )

Checking foot aligment may help too.
****** This is my opinion and not medical advice *****

Thanks for all the input guys, its been a while since I’ve been on forumosa. I got the MRI about two weeks ago and it looked like theres a big hole in my knee. Booked surgery with the same doctor. I seemed impressed by him, which is a rare thing for me to say in Taiwan. He’s going to try to suture it if possible, and any portion that is beyond the blood line, remove it.

I have to say I haven’t done any sports in about 2 months, getting pretty chubby again. Not good. I was swimming almost everyday for 6 months until the knee gave out. No activity or anything is putting me in the dumps hard. The swimming, biking, running, it all makes my knee aggravated and until surgery I didn’t want to screw it anymore. I would say we make our own future, but man, 1 little knee injury and my life flips upside down for the worse.

Funny how life is sometimes.

Would you mind sharing the contact info for the doctor you saw, dasmania? I’ve seen a few here for knee problems and they haven’t been especially helpful.

Will you need physiotherapy afterwards? Gotta love NHI - as much physio as you can take (in Taipei) for very little money.

If you have any doubts - get a second opinion. Knee surgery is an inexact science and the impact on your life is already evident. Do a bunch of research online too. :2cents:

I hope it goes well for you :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the tips. Did a lot of research online. Funny thing is my best guess was a torn meniscus just from reading the various at home diagnostic techniques. He said there’s lots of therapy after but didn’t say what it will be.

As for the contact info, I had a chinese business card but I’ve misplaced it (couldn’t read it anyway). However, if you can find the Chiayi Christian Hospital online, I’m sure you will find anything you need there. The department is in I believe ‘Orthopedics,’ either way, make sure you book an appointment if possible. Lots of people there for little time. I got to pull the ‘white badge,’ and luckily got to see him quickly the first day (only took 2 minutes, didn’t feel bad).