Knee Protector

Long shot, I know…but post it anyway…

I’m selling my AXO knee protector, like this : … 5F05%2Ejpg

Used it probably 3-4 times only…NT$1,500…any takers?

I’d be interested, but I’d be worried my other knee might feel left out. Knee favouritism is an ugly, ugly thing.

oops, forgot to put my number…call me at 0936-110230

Is that for one or a pair? And why are you selling them, they look nice?

NT$1,500 for a pair…want to buy a riding pants, so don’t need knee protector anymore…

It’d look good on you when you are riding your DRZ400, MotorcycleRider :smiley:

Nice try, but I already have a full Dainese suit. :slight_smile: