Knee surgery

Hey everyone,

I’m planning to arrive in Taiwan on May 23rd. However I recently injured my knee and may have to get surgery. I suspect a ligament or meniscus tear (hopefully not), but have not yet gotten an MRI so I have no idea (I am going to get one asap). I’m just wondering if anybody has had a similar surgery in Taipei and how the result was. I’m a very active person so it’s really important to me to have an experienced professional perform the surgery and get the best result. Having to get the surgery in Taiwan is a worst case scenario, but I just wanted to see what my options would be. Also, how much would something like this cost? Do you think it would be covered by travel/overseas medical insurance?

And if anybody has had a good experience with this type of thing and could recommend a doctor/surgeon in Taipei or another major city which I could easily reach by bus/train that would be great.

The surgeon I selected is highly regarded in Taiwan, though I’m not sure he’d be the top choice, especially if you don’t speak Chinese and are not relying on the NHI (National Health Insurance). I’ve been told of other highly regarded knee surgeons here, at least one of whom is US-trained and does not accept payment by insurance, but chose Dr. Shu at Chenggeng Memorial Hospital in Taipei for the location as well as his reputation and personable if quirky demeanor. He can communicate in English, but not all that fluently.

The cost of the surgery itself will be cheap by Western standards. Part of the cost was covered by NHI, and I haven’t checked to see how much exactly it would have been without, but I’d estimate you could get the procedure itself done for under 4k (US$) inclusive of nights in the hospital (2 minimum will be required here), meds, etc.

The semi-weekly follow up visits with the surgeon should probably be around $40 each visit. Physical rehab here is great, at least in my own experience, and even cheaper.

The in-patient experience is very different from the US. If you check similar posts on this forums, you’ll find detailed accounts about what services the nursing staff do and do not provide. You’ll need a friend or relative or hired help to stay with you at least during and after the procedure to help you with stuff like getting to the toilet.

My own outcome of the surgery was mixed. The meniscus repair itself seems to have been successful, but I’m undergoing months of physical rehab to regain flexibility lost due to fibrosis that developed after the surgery. I’m in my late 40s though, which makes a slow/complicated recovery more likely.