Knock down and rebuild all of taiwan?

I 'm curious how much more those apartments are worth now though.

Maybe they could move it to Taoyuan or something.

that white picket fence is ugly AF.

I love the tile aesthetic. Of course not all of them are done well, some styles and colours of tiles look pretty awful.

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NNo. Go away. Taipei is so ugly it’s charming. Go rebuild yourself.

I think many of us wei guo ren did the same thing. A lot of what I used to consider “ugly”, I eventually came to find endearing and full of character. But that only applies to the older buildings. The newbuilds are all ugly and lifeless - I hate them. The very suggestion of knocking down all of Taiwan and rebuilding it like that fills me with horror.


Yeah head out to the massive huge developments in Linkou, Taoyuan, etc., who the hell wants that.

10 or 20 huge apartment buildings with a 7-11 or Family Mart downstairs.

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Yes of course Paris is amazing. And one of the reasons is they don’t allow buildings over six or seven stories. And they aren’t currently destroying old buildings. But anyway it’s all become gentrified and boring.

Like Anhe Lu in Taipei. Used to be an exciting area with pubs and restaurants and lots of interesting people. Now it’s gentrified slow and almost no people on the streets.

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I hear ya, Taipei city nightlife is poor and I don’t mean luxy and all that either. Anhe lu pale shadow of what it was.


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Lots of cases just some exterior paint would help.

Rip out all steel cages!


Even ones that are NOT rusty!

When I first arrived in Taiwan 2 decades ago I really wondered why everyone had pigeon coops on their houses.


I feel the local governments should start a Programme of encouraging owners to upgrade to facade of their buildings. A lot of old badly maintained buildings make Taipei and other cities look very ugly.

Maybe some percentage reduction in property tax or something on those lines.

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