Know any good small art galleries?

I am looking for small art galleries in Taipei and the area. I am most interested in collecting paintings, but not exclusively. Saw a nice place a few months ago on Chungshiao E Rd just west of Fuhsing, but it’s now closed. Anyone know if that place opened elsewhere? Any suggestions?

wow, i knew there weren’t too many art galleries in town, but this is surprising to see…

The Directory of Taiwan put out by the Taiwan News lists four pages of galleries and art centers. You should track down a copy.

Here are the URLs of those places there that are listed as having websites:

I agree Harrier, it is hard to find a decent art gallery in Taipei. Traditional Chinese paintings of cliffs and waterfalls, etc, are easy to find. Modern art is scarce. There used to be a place, Caves Art Gallery, downstairs on Chunghsiao E Rd, near the train station, that had a nice collection of modern Chinese/Taiwanese paintings and sculptures. But they have moved or gone out of business. I’d love to know if there is something comparable or if Caves has re-emerged elsewhere.

Cnr. Chinshan S Road and Hoping East Road (Not exactly, just a little way up on Chinshan’s east side.

Haven’t been in there, but it is small and it’s an art gallery.

I’m not sure what your budget is nor what type of “Art” you favour but you can contact Taipei Fine Arts Gallery for a lists of Contemparary or Modern art galleries. I’m sure they’ll be of great help. If you have a big fat wallet, I’m sure they’ll even help you get in touch with some contemparary taiwanese artists. This gallery specializes in contemparary art. You can go to the shop located below level one and check out the Biennele Catalogue for young contemparary artists that where represented there. If you like any of there work, the gallery has their contact details. Gook Luck.

Generaly speaking i hate the Net, but I have to say at this moment it’s not such a bad thing. thx all, you made my day.

Harrier, what’s your interest in Art? do you come from an Art background or just basically a lover of ART? Just interested, as I have a big interest in Art as I studied it for quite a few years.

mokman, my interest in art i guess comes from my grandma who was a pretty good painter. i have no art background though - know nothing really about art history. i find myself more and more drawn to all kinds of art as i get older, and being here in taiwan where things are so mass produced, so little craftsmanship, might even be feeding my budding interest - not sure. anyway, i am set on developing a collection of paintings. something i can pass along.

Just north of the FuShing Pateh Road intersection, in the backlane (FuShing North Road Lane 36 according to my tourist map) on the western side is a small art gallery. Never been in there however.
Basically “behind” the open space between the Giordano and Osim shops (which is beside the 104 Post Office).