Know anyone who has gone from PARC to ROC Citizenship?

I would be very interested to know the difference in applying for ROC Citizenship starting from the PARC (as opposed to starting out with an ARC).

This is because (at least according to my initial enquiries) getting a PARC is almost as much hassle as going the whole way to acquire ROC Citizenship. Having provided my police record from the UK (for my PARC application) - a major hassle with counter-stamps etc., - it does seem superfluous that I should have to repeat all these steps again. I have heard rumours that it is not necessary.

Anyone out there gone down this route? of course the requirements provided by the HR dept. are wonderfully vague, and I wold not be surprised if they unwittingly made me go through all that hassle again, when it might not be required. Be grateful for any advice anyone can offer on this front.


It appears as if there is no one (or hardly any one) who has gone down this route. Could this be a first?

This is perhaps understandable; why go to all the trouble of getting a PARC, when you might just as well go for the full monty?

But I’d still be interested to hear from anyone who has gone from PARC to ROC citizenship…

There should not be any difference in processing. You may be able to get the UK police check waived. I didn’t require one from Australia as I had already privded it to get my first ARC and the rest of the time I was living in Taiwan.

And yes, we all know how vague the government staff can be when telling you what documents to produce, translated, notorized, and re-stamped by MOFA in Taipei.

My mother-in-law was able to change from a PARC to an ROC Citizenship. And yes, the process was as troublesome as getting the PARC.

She had to renounce her Filipino Citizenship and then there were some Chinese documents (with English translation) that had to be authenticated here and in the Philippines. Finally, these documents were accepted.

But she has to be stateless for a year before she can get an ROC passport.