Know your market in Taiwan: stonker donker

OK, so I’m in Watsons last night buying Tiger Balm and in line I notice condoms off to the right. Durex is there proudly, and next to it, the Taiwanese brand:

drum roll:


now, that alone set me a giggling

but as I read the box, I saw:


It reminded me of high school where Kip Clizbe used to sing (to the tune of I love rock and roll by Joan jett)

[quote]I love kinky sex
put some more rice in the rubber baby![/quote]

Sometimes I really like living in Taiwan. :slight_smile:

And you really need a pair of these to put on after stonking her donker!

Anyone catch the spelling error of “comfortable”?

You mean the comFARTable?


[quote=“ImaniOU”]You mean the comFARTable?


Yeah! honest mistake or mischivious English tutor?