Ko Wen-je






My bad, not a GSD, a lab, but still a big dog…recoiling in fear!

Remember, dogs see things we cannot. And they are mean to people who are mean to their owners.

Well, he had his gloves on. Hope he was safe.

From the comments, many say
這是拉不拉多 rip


I’ve yet to mention Ko’s TWO time completion of the Twin Towers (雙塔) cycling challenge. That’s a 520km ride from the most northern point of Taiwan to the most southern point of the island. Moving time alone is 20+ hours. That means he is pedaling and moving his legs for over 20+ hours.

Haters gunna hate and say that feat is useless in terms of inspiring change, but I’ll bet my ridiculously expensive bike that he inspired others to get off their asses and exercise. He wanted to prove that someone with a white collar job like him, could do something as insane as the Twin Tower challenge.


If you say you’ve met a celebrity, doesn’t it usually mean you have at least socialized with him/her like a friend in private?
Or, seeing someone standing on the stage and your being one of the crowds also counts?




And the reason it’s called twin “towers” is because lighthouse in Chinese is called 燈塔 or “light tower.” So he set out from the northern most lighthouse on the island (in New Taipei) before sunrise and finished at the southern most lighthouse (in Pingtung) way after dark. :bowing_man:


A couple of comedians I like have met Trump and said he is hilarious. Arrogant, but a great sense of humor and excellent comedic timing. Loads of brilliant annecdotes as well.

I imagine going for a beer with Trump would be great. Real Bro.As a leader, the man is a nightmare


He sure knows how to surprise us with his wardrobe choices.


Notice how the girl/lady* on the right is staring at him, witnessing the glory of a true alpha male.

  • = yes, I’m assuming her gender, not her age though, I’m a gentleman


Argh, I thought copying and pasting would paste the Instagram pic and include the caption. Here it is…


Not sure if this one or his light blue suit for the Universiade is the winner for…most ballsy suit up.



I like how his pants come almost all the way up to his nipples.


LOL. he is comparing himself to this guy:



They could easily be father and son!


That is traditional in Taiwanese males of a certain age. Actually, most males of a certain age, except my Dad, who prefers the Cantinflas look.


Yeah, but your average Tai-ke can’t rock a bow tie like that!


The original East gate was quite beautiful and yes very minnan style. They really messed it up, shame on them.


Average taike in my hood rocks getas. More traditional.


Looks like you’ve got a better class of Tai-ke in your neighborhood. I live on the border of Wanhua, so…


I find the overwhelming support he has on this site really surprising.

I know that the dom was a mess he inherited, but before the election (and after) he was always saying how he would tear it down, and now he’s giving Farglory an offset, which makes me feel that he isn’t any different than other scumbag politicians you see here.

There’s also been quite a few forced abolishment cases since he became incumbent. Now that’s not exclusive to Taipei, but it shows that he’s not that much different than the others like you make him to be.

Plus the Universiade opening mess, the The Voice China mess, and his frequent distasteful remarks (eg. “It’s easier to rape than seduce”, which sounds an awful lot like Duterte), I find it impossible to hold him in high regards.

I’m not saying that he’s worse than other politicians in particular. There are deep greens who hate him with a boiling passion and consider him a puppet of Xi JinPing and I don’t agree with them. I’m just saying that I don’t think he’s standing out. At least not in a good way.