Ko Wen-je


I live in New Taipei city.

I don’t think I need to explain more than that why I think Mayor Ko is reaching legendary status with me.

Interestingly there are also other very popular mayors I’m Taiwan such as Mayor Cheng in Taoyuan .


Taipei City was far ahead of New Taipei City way before Ko got elected. It just got far more budget with a much smaller population.


Of course I agree, resources are unbalanced, but new Taipei city is a disgrace in many parts and it’s not necessarily lack of budget.
How much budget do you need to make a pavement flat?
Or even a pavement?
Or to stop people double-parking, parking on pavements or driving through red lights?


A lot, when you have loads and loads of scooters and other crap.


No you don’t need a lot of budget you just need to stop wasting it on corrupt lazy people and have a bit of backbone.


And they don’t waste money on corrupt and lazy people in Taipei City?


Less now that Mayor Ko is in charge.
A lot less.


How do you even know that? Taipei City had pavements before 2014. At least more than other cities. Him being the mayor has nothing to deal with the pavements.

I think you guys are just seeing him through rose tinted glasses.


Nope many clear achievements have been listed above.
The universiade was a triumph in the end , even a skeptic like me will admit it.


Yeah and somehow Hau and his officials didn’t notice the massive shopping center and hotel rammed into the sports dome.

Hau was also investigated for an overpass corruption scandal.

Only thing keeping those guys out of jail are their powerful connections.


I never said it wasn’t. The point here is that the security at the beginning was nonexistent. Imagine if there were terrorists or just some deranged people with knives. Those athletes could get killed or injured.


They had heavily armed police at most events.
They didn’t want to rough up those old guys protesting that’s all.


Non existent security? In addition to countless policemen, there were soldier with automatic rifles all around the arena.

That protest surely tainted the opening ceremony, but on the other hand those protesters immediately received a collective disapproval for what they did. They didn’t get any sympathizers, they actually nuked their own movement into oblivion.

If the security forced them out, they could have played the victim card, which was probably their plan all along.


They could have easily blocked them from a mile away.

All these are sounding like excuses. If this was Ma or Hau you wouldn’t be defending him.


They didn’t block the protesters:“What a shame! Ko ruined the whole event! It was an embarrassment!”

If the security blocked them:“Protesters are being arrested just like in Hong Kong and China! Ko is the worst!”

Pick your poison, I’ll stick with the most successful international sport event in Taiwan’s history that has been praised all over the world and left the organizing committee for Naples 2019 shitting themselves because time is ticking and they’re nowhere close to what Taipei did.


Ehem, these were “cops” against cops. Be grateful it wasn’t like the recent Taida incident speared by none other but the son of White Wolf. Even Ko cannot battle against that kind of people. They are a festering infection that has settled deep in the bone of mafia-party collusion.


Is it your first day on the island? Terrorists?

I was there for the opening ceremony and experienced it first hand. Most of the protestors were dressed in normal street attire. How do you pick them out? Set up check points a mile away at Nanjing Fuxing MRT? Anyone, would get pretty annoyed if you had a check point a mile away from the event.

Looks like you are looking for excuses here.


This is from January. Didn’t see it until now. Kind of funny.


Life and death. Ko Wen-je Tedex talk.



You want funny? Look for Ko running for the Universiade…And doing a faceplant. He got hurt though, but he took it all in good stride and even humor.