Koh Chang; any recs?

Well, with holidays fast approaching, we’re looking to go somewhere tropical and sunny for a week or so at the beginning of Feb. Pretty much settled on Koh Chang and thought I’d summon y’all for reactions and ideas, either positive or negative, to your experience there. Anyone been? Discuss…


Never been there, but there’s the Thai equivalent of forumosa where you should be able to find some info:

i put this up before, might help you:

[forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … ang#453013](Thailand: Koh Chang?

have fun.

Thanks, enzo+ and xtrain,

Both very helpful. I’ve done some research and pretty much decided what we’re going to do. Didn’t realize they had a five star Amari hotel on Koh Chang…Thailand is changing fast. Anyway, we plan to head for the west coast of the island, as it seems a little quieter and relaxed. Just want a place to sit in the sun, have a swim and sip pina coladas for a week! :slight_smile:

I stayed at the White Sands Beach resort right on the Northern Tip of White Sand Beach. Small bungalows and some bigger ones right on the water and far enough away from all the rest of the places and people. I enjoyed it. was 250 baht per night in the summer, maybe 400-500 a night in peak season.

I liked Koh Chang, it was expanding quite a bit but still very beautiful.

Hope you meant “east” coast. That’s the quiet side of Koh Chang.