Kojen's new textbook

I was visiting a branch of Kojen today and I saw that they have changed the textbook for their adult classes. They are no longer using the dreadful Spectrum. The new book is Know How published by Oxford University Press. I had a brief flick through it. The style looks similar to Interchange.

I would be interested to hear comments from any Kojen teachers or anyone else who is familiar with this book.

I work for Kojen, and I like this book. It’s a welcome change from Spectrum (which was really quite hideous). The grammar points are articulated and illustrated well, and there is a lot of useful material in the book (including some excellent activities).

At my branch we don’t ‘teach from the book’, it’s mainly there as a review aid for students and a general guide to the class program, but a lot of us are happier using more material from this book than we did from Spectrum.

Those Spectrum listening activities at the start of each chapter were funny man… but like many teachers, I just used to take out the grammar point, then run with it in other ways; teaching from the book too much sucks man.