Anyone know where I can find some in Taipei? I found one vendor (Nectar) but they are really small and not always in stock.

I guess I’d be willing to buy from anyone in Taiwan if they can ship, too.


This website shows that this company import this product.

This is their FB page:
Cell phone:0922972298
COmpany phone: 02-28360588

Or you could buy it online: the Chinese translation of Kombucha is 紅茶菌氣泡飲, 康普茶 or 恐怖茶

catie.ca/en/catienews/2009-0 … ha-caution

beer and cheese social house has some. get a beer while you’re at it.

they have it as well and some amazing food
NakedFood 裸食私廚

There is a company called Kure kombucha and they sell in Taiwan. This is their website. http://www.kurekombucha.com

As I am Japanese who is more familiar with Japanese name of this tea 昆布茶=kobucha pronounciation. However I am sure that you refer to the tea with see weed. Rakuten site has many possibilities. However I do not see a popular Japanese brand which I have been drinking back in Japan.


You are wrong there it is 康普茶

Yeah, it’s not the Japanese literal Kombu + Cha = kombu tea… it’s 康普茶

Thanks for the replies all!

I will have scobies to share soon.

Ask me about my most phenomenal hops kombucha. I call it my mid-day IPA.

Are there any shops or cafes around to just walk in and have a drink?

I have one every two days or so. Great stuff!

Kombucha is a hit or miss for me. Some I like, some are pretty disgusting.

I heard it might actually be bad to drink too much of it.

I thought about making kegs for some bars, but I didn’t get great reception from the bar owners I know. Have any better ideas? Not chains.

A guy in Tainan making this. First time to try kombucha. Tastes ok like lite sparkling cider or juice.

Edit: On top is a layer of scoby, a probiotic.

Available in Taipei at Beer to Go or can order and he will ship it. Find him on Facebook.

Also this

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Gross. Did you accidentally swallow the “jellyfish?”

I’m going to fry it like if it were tempura.




EDIT: actually I read about that and recommended a friend to do it, and I think he did it. I think. Personally I haven’t done it yet, I want my scoby to be bigger.