Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Have any German members of Forumosa heard of this man – Werner vom Busch?

I sent him a message (see below) asking him why the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung collaborates and has partnerships with police-state papers in Singapore, Vietnam, and the PRC. After all, their Asia mission statement reads something like

Awwww, I wanna see his rude and terse reply.

Me toooooo !

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, being the foundation of the German conservative party “Christ Democrats”, is often used as a “garbage bag” for ex-party functionaries who said or did something stupid to make them quickly dissapear from the public stages.
So stupidity there does not surprise me.

So basically you’re saying that it’s the Flounder Forum for stupid German politicians?

He basically mentioned

The China-hugging of our present German governement (not conservative now, but the social-democrats) is getting on my nerves anyway.

Our chancelor (chief of governement) saying “he totally agrees with the PRC opinion about Taiwan” is far beyond what other countries are saying.

And trying to lift the weapons-ban of the EU towards PRC is another issue of his politics.

And trying to sell nuclear equipment to PRC.

And the German governement not stopping German enterprises from selling “weapon in parts” including missile equipment to PRC now. Officially illegal, but nobody cares.

Okay, I nagged enough about my own country now, I better leave this to Fred :astonished:

Many people and even his own party opose him regarding his China-arms politics though.