Kooks Restaurant (Danshui)


What is on the Blue Moon Burger? I’m guessing that is the blue cheese burger, right?

What do you mean by too strongly spiced? Does the patty have a lot of garlic and onions mixed into the meat or do you mean that the sauces might be too overpowering for some people?


Yep, that’s the blue cheese burger. I recall they call it “blue moon” on the menu.

What I meant is that with most burgers I’ve had apart from this one, the meat patty itself was basically a quite hard and flat disc made from ground beef, and probably some salt & pepper. This patty they have there is much thicker than what I knew so far, also much softer and juicier, and much more spices (red pepper / chili?) inside, giving it a slightly red colour.

I really like this version much better than the “original” Hamburgers - but hey, different strokes for different folks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification olm.

What you describe by being softer sounds like they are actually closer to a real handmade beef patty. Those dry hockey pucks that McDonald’s tries to pass off are not what could be considered real burgers.

McD’s are about as close to burgers as instant noodles are to real noodles.


I had a kooky burger today. It was not bad. There’s filler in the patty, but it’s not very spicy. I have a feeling they have better items on the menu. There’s wraps and pita and fallafel (sp) and hummus. You don’t see everywhere. The burger is really good, but if you think it is the best one you’ve ever eaten in your whole life, then I have nothing but pity for you and your depraved existence.


Cheers for this info. There are, it seems almost overnight, some decent, fairly priced places to visit in Damshui Especially for teachers who may not be able to afford some Western bars etc. in the city.
Again, I recommend Donavons.


I’ve gone there twice, and both times found them closed when they were supposed to be open. The first time was a Sunday, and they had closed for someone’s wedding. The second time was a Friday evening around 8:00 p.m., and no explanation of why they were closed. Their sandwichboard sign was out front, and according to the hours posted, they should have been open!

I’m dying to try their burgers, but I’m really tired of making the trip in vain. I’ll definitely call ahead next time.


Went to Kooks again on my day off (Tuesday) and I was happy to have the falafel pita and Hummus dip combo. THey were both freshly made and bothe were delicious! My WIfe had a Szechwan (sorry not sure how to spell it) meatball pita. All the food was great and while we waited my wife had a delicious milkshake while I had a pint of Boddingtons pub ale which i really enjoyed! Service was great again and after the meals were served Liam and Emma sat with us and had a great conversation. Overall great again and its always nice to be cooked for especially by such great people! CHeck it out if you havent already!



Just went back to Kook’s recently to try their salads. I was most impressed by their greek salad: it was pretty hefty, and not too light on the olives and feta which is the usually the bane of resto greek salads. All the veggies were very fresh and also freshly cut, so they were crisp and had no fridge flavor, unlike the hideous standard dinner salads at Forkers., The whole things was nicely drenched in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, which was sharp but not overly acidic. A great deal at 180NT! Yummm!


Well, third time’s a charm, as they say. Finally, I have overcome the evil forces that were conspiring to keep me away from delicious burgers! My friend visiting from Hong Kong and I descended upon Kook’s for lunch on Wednesday (after first phoning ahead to make sure they were, indeed, open, ha). There was a bit of a problem deciding what to eat, as there were so many tasty items listed on the menu, but I finally narrowed it down to the bacon burger. My friend ordered a sandwich, beef on ciabatta.

When my burger arrived, I was astounded. Huge. Beyond huge. How can I get that into my mouth?? Whoa. My friend keeps telling people it was the size of a basketball. It wasn’t quite that big, but it was BIG. And the patty was nice and thick, juicy and tasty, seasoned just perfectly - no “Where’s the beef?” at this establishment! The accompanying fries were also quite marvelous, crispy on the outside and soft inside, especially tasty dipped in the extra side order of bleu cheese dressing (hey, do you guys make that yourselves? Cuz it was really good :thumbsup: ).

My lightweight friend only ate half of her sandwich (she saves room for snacking on junk food, silly girl), and since she made the mistake of giving me a bite, she may not ever get to eat the other half that’s in the fridge right now, hehe. That must might be my breakfast today.

Definitely looking forward to going back, will try to do that as often as possible during summer break, as when school is in session I don’t go out to eat much. I’ll pass the word all around Tamkang U and drag my classmates and friends in to see you.

Thanks, Liam, Emma, and Sandy for this fine addition to Danshui’s cuisine, I’m so happy I finally got in the door!


Had another great visit to Kook’s the other day, and discovered their absolutely scrumptious brownies! OMG, these are the best brownies I’ve ever had in my life, and they offer them plain or warmed up and topped with ice cream. I was too stuffed after my burger and fries to try the ice cream brownie, but my visiting friends did with rave reviews. We bought 3 brownies to take with us, and last night I made my own ice cream brownie - thought I’d died and gone to heaven. :wink:

I suggest going first for lunch, then go walk around for four hours to burn off the meal, then go back for dessert!


We had dinner there tonight. The food was fantastic - Mrs cfi described her burger as better than KGB’s. The only downside was the wait. The place was barely half full but it still took well over 30 minutes from when we ordered until the food arrived. We’ll definitely go back, it was worth the wait but hopefully next time it’ll be a little quicker.

EDIT Nov 15th - Been back a few times and the service speed has dramatically improved. Must have just got a bad night the first time.


Excellent burgers! Had the caesar burger and original w/bacon. Came piping hot and juicy! Tasted great too! Very filling, could not finish the fries. A must try for anyone who likes burgers.
A very extensive menu too. Falafels/wraps/Tikka pitas/Panninis/sandwiches too much to mention but it all looked good. Prices are extremely reasonable. Burger set around $200-250+10% includes fries/drink/salad.

Apparently owned by a Canadian guy and his wife. Don’t think he is personally posting here or has a website. That’s unfortunate. He really should, but it seems he has his following of Danshui foreigner patrons.

A little hidden a way but is about 10-15 walk from Danshui MRT
#12, Lane 18, Ren’ai Street
(02)2625 6161


We were there last night again. It’s actually become a regular place for us, probably twice a month. All the food is great - we’re working are way through the menu and no complaints. Tried some dessert last night, one of the best brownies I’ve had in a long time.


[quote=“a long time ago olm”]“Blue Moon Burger” = Best Burger I have had in my life.

Okay, now some words for explanation: I am not a fan of burgers, and so far what I can compare to is basically only McDonald’s, Burger King, and some US west coast restaurants. The meat of this burger probably will be too soft and too strongly spiced for people who like “standard” burgers, and the bread is not the strange steamed stuff that McDonalds etc. seem to use, but, instead, is nice and on the crispy side.

I can really recommend this place. Nice decorated interior (a bit artsy), some good beers, good value for the money. And all that in Danshui :slight_smile:[/quote]

Having been out of Taiwan for quite some while now I seriously miss Kooks’ blue moon burger. Most Chinese dishes that I loved in Taiwan I learned to cook already, so today it’s finally time to try something that I hope will loosely resemble that burger. Hoping for the best with cheese choice, spicing of the patty (This Kooks review mentioned cumin, so I am trying this) despite my overall non-existing burger making experience. But hey, there is Google, right? :wink:

Greetings from Bavaria to the Kooks owners (plus kid) and staff. Missing you and wishing you the best of luck!


I’m well overdue for a visit to Kooks for some grub. I’ll have to pop in one of these days. Truly good burgers (among other menu items) are tough to find in Taipei.


[quote=“Anubis”]A burger with pineapple is called a “Hawaiian” Burger in some restaurants.

recipes.howstuffworks.com/hawaii … recipe.htm[/quote]

god… I miss Islands Restaurants’ burgers…


[quote=“hansioux”][quote=“Anubis”]A burger with pineapple is called a “Hawaiian” Burger in some restaurants.

recipes.howstuffworks.com/hawaii … recipe.htm[/quote]

god… I miss Islands Restaurants’ burgers…[/quote]

Pizza with pineapple becomes Hawaiian aswell, the Hawaiians have done a lot for modern cuisine.


We love this restaurant! Everything from food to ambiance is great.

Minor thing but their french fries are better than the thin ones you get at Mc’Donalds.

They have another branch elsewhere. Has anyone visited the other branch? How was it?


Made it over there for the first time, great burger!

My friend lives near the mountain location, he loves it