Kooky Foreigners

Does anybody else think foreigners are far more interesting to gawk at than the local characters? Last night this white guy got on the MRT with his wrists bent all the way back. I thought he had palsy or something so I averted my eyes but then I hear him drop his book bag to the floor and start perform Tai Chi. the dude has got his arms fully stretched out going back and forth. Mind you its rush hour and there is almost no room on the train. The train stops, the dude goes flying into a woman, jumps up and gets back into his stance again. By this time everybody is giving him plenty of room. We get to CKS stop, the door opens and he stands completely still until the doors begin to close where in which he runs out of the train…kooky :slight_smile:

What a fucking weirdo. No wonder people stare at the rest of us. There’s far too many weird foreigners here. People don’t seem to notice the normal ones, cos we don’t do anything weird, strangely enough.

Even the mimes are leaving Paris!

What is that thing called when people do outrageous stuff in public…?
Oh man I …
It’s on the tip of my…

Oh yea! A desperate cry for attention.

I have seen my share of nutters wandering around here.

Back home they were just flakes, but here ther are “unique”

I see the attraction, I think uniques get laid way more than flAKES!


Guess you’ve never been on the subway in NY.

I’ve noticed this phenomenom many times before and I think its farther ranging than you think. For example any slightly unusual behavior peformed by ones-self back home is quickly brought into check by our society (friends, family etc) so eccentricity has a natural limit.

But here in Taiwan, not such society check exists for us because of the language and cultural barriers. Freakishness is allowed to increase unchecked!

I have normal western friends here who have started changing in that they wear those tight bike pants that one would get beaten up for wearing in most parts of Australia. I haven’t seen foreign guys with man-bags yet, but once again there are strong cultural traditions that would push against such a fad back home.

Any foreigner who does become more eccentric by living here is just seen as a forieigner here, and that any “unusual” aspects about him/her would be simply viewed as normal for foreigners. It certainly makes for some amusing and entertaining encounters such as the one described by this post!

So it was you who was gorking at me?
Mind your own business in future.

Good grief, what’s wrong with being a bit weird?
People get ulcers trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

Does anyone really need to explain why doing Tai Chi on the MRT at rush hour isn’t OK? :loco:

I definitely feel like I have more freedom to be kooky here. People stare at me regardless and probably wouldn’t notice the difference between my normal behavior and strange behavior. The old man I pass every day on my way to work gives me the same cold hard stare if I just walk by or if I dance by singing along to my headphones. So I usually dance.
:note: :banana: :note: :banana: :note:

I would never – NEVER – walk around with my penis hanging out in Edinburgh, that’s all I can say.

Oh, that’s what it was. I just thought you were short, but had a big nose. The eyesight’s not what it used to be.

You should have joined in the Tai Chi. If you don’t know any then you could’ve gotten him to teach you a couple of moves while the locals watched in utter amazement. Then you both could’ve jumped out different doors simultaneous at the last second and gone for a beer after. But, in a situation like that, if buddy goes on about snake head people while you’re having a beer together at the bar then maybe that would be a little too much.

i seen that freak. ohhhkay!

The story reminds me of that bit in Kung Fu Hustle where he does the weird snake move and the guy just creams him. It would have been cool if everybody in the car had gotten up and beaten the crap out of your kook. We should add that you’re allowed to be kooky if you do it right. It has to look cool at least. Unless you have really big breasts, in which case even tai chi on the MRT would probably be OK.

Well sure, there is that reasonable exception.


I concur with stu. The freaky foreigner per capita ratio is off the charts here. There is a reason why I avert their eyes when they see other foreigners. There might be a chance they

Hey, teach me that trick, will you? I’d like to use it on all the local folks to make them avert their eyes.

Sorry, I’m a kooky AND zaney when I type :laughing:

Maybe he was from Portland… No disrepect meant to Portland, but the kookiest foreigner I ever knew here was a guy who was in my Chinese class about 6 years ago… He was from Portland…

He used to ride around Taichung on a bright pink scooter with a blond haired girls doll zip tied, spread eagle to the basket in front of his scooter… He also used to wear a jacket with built in speakers and mp3 player blasting out the Shaft TV show theme tune more often than not and every day he wore a leopard skin cape with the words “Sexy Chocolate” sewed on it in big Chinese characters on the back…

he was well out there on the kooky scale, but a hell of a nice guy…