The most racist country in the world.

Attacked 3 times in the last month.

Lived here 4 years.

Ambushed by undercover narc’s last night.

Moving to Taiwan.

See ya when you get here. I really want the user Qrap to reply here. His avatar and yours need to get together. :howyoudoin:

Lol@the avatar

“Give me an Army of Korean Women and I will RULE the WORLD!”…from a novel yet to be published.

If I give you an army of korean women you will be MAULED by a hoard of angry, insecure, korean men, like ants swarming a beetle.

LOL…so you do understand the power of Korean women…lol.

Good fortune to you on you trip to Taiwan.

You mean the power to lie and cheat or just sheer squat/benching power?

[quote=“tokki1”]You mean the power to lie and cheat or just sheer squat/benching power?[/quote]Hmm…maybe you just don’t bring out the best in people. Or they see you as a mark. Or maybe you just hang with the wrong crowd.
Who knows? The reasons could be multiple.

True, true…

But having lived here 4 years I’ve noticed a ‘trend’. Koreans are notoriously racist, due to their history and ‘closed’ nature.

Also, numerous aborted female fetuses (ultrasounds are illegal now) because families wanted male sons has now come to fruition in the sense that the male/female ratio is distorted.

Go downtown Seoul hand-in-hand with a Korean woman after 2am and see how comfortable you feel.

There have actually been ‘documentaries’ put on public Korean t.v showing how us ‘foreigners’ seduce and steal their women. A website was recently shutdown due to a comical ‘ask the playboy’ column (www.englishspectrum.com). It’s all fertilizer to feed the evergrowing, branching metaphorical tree of racism here, and it’s why a lot of people are leaving. I’ve had enough, personally. It isn’t fun anymore.

Yeah, I’m teaching in Korea right now. My first job was a switching company-type and the owner fucked me over for almost a month’s pay (I taught there less than a month). He didn’t send me to Japan to get my working visa and I had no cash so had to take a job where I am now (in the country). The new boss is ok but I still don’t have a video machine and I’m stuck where I am (although it’s not a bad apartment). I drank with him and another teacher last night and I let him have it. The pay is good 2.2 million/month and the taxes are low (3.7%) but he promised to get us computers at home and still hasn’t. You gotta keep crying to get what’s promised to you here. If I’m stuck where I am at home and have to take a bus to use a computer then I’m not happy.

I don’t see many women where I am but when I do I have to jump on the opportunity. Maybe the men get jealous but who gives a fuck about their distorted thinking. That website being closed down and the way they talk about the “bad foreigners” is just too funny. It’s the hagwon bosses that are evil and not the teachers. I’ve talked to and met a few foreigners here and they are nice people. Nicer than in Taiwan. Only one I worked with (a woman) was not altogether nice. Kind of stuck up or high on herself or something. Asked her, “Where can I buy bread” at the school and she said, “At a grocery store.” Thanks for that you fucking bitch. I didn’t know where I was or where to find anything. They aren’t too helpful sometimes here. I told my boss about a hundred times that I need a scooter and a used cell phone. How many times do I have to fucking ask? I was angry last night. Does he think I’m kidding? How hard is it for him to find me a used scooter or tell me where to go? I’m not asking him to pay for it.

I’d go back to Taiwan for the right job but people piss me off there sometimes too.

2.2 is good, but you should be paying 3.3% tax.

I could ramble on about horror stories here, but…

If you have any questions I’m the one to talk to about work here. Seen or been through it all.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I was ambushed by narc agents last night as a friend of mine has been imprisoned on drug charges. They came to my house and tested me. I’m clean.

Everyone on her phone is being staked out.

If I can say anything, it’s stay away from drugs, and keep all records of paystubs, bill receipts etc…

And check on the tax issue.


If you want a cellphone to to I’taewon and buy a used/new one. Shop around. My # is 011-9690-0509.

Call me and I’ll help you get started here.

Go to Paris Baguette for bread.

Personally, I’ve been to Taiwan and spent years here… I find the people in Taiwan a lot more friendly towards foreigners, most likely due to the absence of us military.

anyway…here to help.

Believe me, I spent the last 8 months in Korea working with locals, and as anywhere, you have to OW credit and respect.
Unluckely, English teachers are not seen as the new “messiah” but more as those who steal their girlfriends (HAHA, I had the luck not being one of them)

The “ask the playboy” thing was not as funny as you think as my Korean colleagues were looking at me as I was one of “those” finaly asking my opinion. Which I did on some rather agressive reactions from locals as on Nate.com etc

Indeed, there is a saying “Korea first and than the rest of the world”, but I am sure that the new generation will be more open to Western culture.
Anyway, they can not continue for centuries copying Japanese goods no?

I left with a love & hate feeling , but I guess the memories are not as bad, as I did “survived” the most difficult Asian culture on earth.

I was never attacked and did visited a lot of congested areas…but I stayed humble…

Attacked at 2am? I’m surprised they were able to stop puking up their soju long enough to give you a doing.

Oh, good. Sandman. For a second I thought Dave’s had taken over Forumosa. Erm, you guys? This place is about Taiwan.

I suppose the responses are worthy of an explanation.

Attack #1: got out of a cab near my home with a girl I met downtown (indian, no, not korean); was attacked by 7 koreans. Split upper lip

Attack #2: was going to convenience store to buy snacks for my friends drinking in a VERY nearby pub. Assaulted by 6 koreans. They stole my jacket and everything… one guy returned my wallet…this is after ‘warning msgs’ had been posted on our classroom doors about the ‘dangers’ about going to the ‘popular’ expat areas at night due to the ‘englishspectrum’ scandal. yep.

Atttack#3: Don’t quite know how to explain this one. Gay gangster covered in tattoos in a club in Hongdae wanted to dance with me. Blasted me in the face, 10 guys to restrain him. I was told to ‘run’ and couldn’t get my jacket (that’s 2 thus far)…called my friend who delivered my jacked…

I’ll also mention the fact that last night I was ambushed by 3 undercover nartotic agents and ‘tested’ for drugs. No rights. No phone call. .No lawyer. No. Nothing.


Oh, attack # 2 is ongoing… still have huge lump in right side due to fluid???scraped lower teeth etc…had a hand infection from punching them with rings on…etc…
bad stuff…

I’ve never been to Korea, so perhaps my point is invalid, but one of the reasons I’ve never gone is that in nearly 10 years of living in Asia, I’ve literally NEVER met any teacher (and I’ve known many who’ve worked there) who enjoyed it.

That’s something I’ve noticed as well. People I’ve talked to here who arrive after doing Korea usually report that they prefer it here. Perhaps, however, the ones who come here are only the dissatisfied ones? I’m not suggesting Taiwan is a Shangri-La or something. In my own experience, I taught immigrants in Canada for several years before coming here. I made several good friends who used to give me private tutoring students. Still, Taiwanese students (and I’ve taught students from most corners of the globe) taught were always my favourites. It helped me make my decision as to where to go in Asia. A typical one-on-one Korean student (by no means all, but many) will eventually want to get into a discussion about Korea. The most common phrase used would be “#1.” Anything Korea would have to be “#1,” especially the language. I made the mistake once, after a student claimed hangul was “perfect,” of suggesting that no language is perfect. Instant offence was taken. In the end, I decided that, while I liked alot of the people I met in Canada, I probably would not like going to Korea.

Have to disagree with Gumper here. The OP is transitioning from Korea to Taiwan, having visited before. It is a valid Forumosan experience, though perhaps not yours in particular. I know there are others who have done Korea, or perhaps have gone on to do Korea after being here. This is the thread to discuss these experiences in relation to Taiwan expat life past, present or --in OP’s case–future.

Korea? Never been there, no desire to go, but a few thoughts come to mind:

  1. Korean women are the best-looking women in Asia (therefore, the world).

  2. Korean food is to die for when eaten twice per week. Kimchi is manna. But to the exclusion of all other cuisines? Probably not.

  3. The Koreans I’ve become acquainted with in Koreatown in Toronto and in other cities in Canada are friendly to a fault, but I find the cultural gulf (partly due to their fervent Christian faith) to be insurmountable and alienating.

  4. True story: One day while walking along a quiet street off Khao San Road searching for a wat I happened upon a rather nerdy-looking young Korean man (as opposed to a silly-looking Western neo-hippie, say). He wore a checked shirt with a collar, the kind of beige slacks you see in Sears catalogues, and deck/boat shoes. We fell into conversation. He gave me his card. I asked him if he were in Bangkok on business, and he almost choked: No, he protested, I’m a backpacker just like you. He walked off in a huff. Are there people of good humour in Korea? I’ve heard from many sources that they are thin on the ground.

  5. Every single teacher I met who fled Korea for Taiwan after the crash of '97 said the same two things: a) Living here is so easy! b) It’s a bit less exotic, though, as every day in Korea you see something that completely blows your mind.

  6. Korean food, again, is to die for. It is far, far superior to Taiwanese food.