Korean Fish to speak at Harvard


Maybe I should go.


I can’t imagine he’d have anything interesting to say.


Are you kidding? Guy’s a riot. Wanna see him make a fool of himself before professors.


I see. You’re in it for the slapstick. :sunglasses:




As someone who lives in Kaohsiung at least 50% of the time, and in the States 25% (rest in Japan/NZ/AU) I do think he has something to say. I do not like KMT at all, pro Taiwan independence but also manage a business that I would like to expand in KHH, that being said he says something that I need which draw talent back (or keep it from going out). As our offices here in Kaoshiung I want expand higher income so call HQ office functions and put more money here locally. But the major problem is lack of talented staff from IT, to accounting and marketing and as business things need to done, we do it in the States or NZ often with Taiwanese born people there. We do have good staff in Kaoshiung, but some leave (most recent person moved to France) the area, and we have a hard time to replace the person(s). So Mr. Han mentions he try to get talent to/back to Kaoshiung, I think he has valid point as well other points, so do think he has things to say. Can he do what he says/ promise, that is another matter but I will give him the chance.

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I can’t imagine he’d have anything interesting to say.


He wants to get people back by sticking a big wheel up and driving price of property up by attracting Chinese . Waste of space.


He said a couple obv ious points, which can be alternatively interpreted as kaohsiung is filled with idiots (his meaning not mine). He isnt totally wrong but his ways of fixing it, as brian essentially summarized, are more short sighted than his voters…so it would be very intereating how he is taken in by harvard. This would be more a reflection on harvards current ranking rather than kaohsiungs if they take the guy seriously…

But in reality this is most likely all more to do with issues between usa and china and Pences speech warming up to taiwan on camera (to piss off china). Mr. Korea is very much trump style, minus national pride. Thats means there is reason to worry if he somehow is representing our country at one of the leading universities on earth.


As if any of the usual run-of-the-mill politicians with their standard platitudes had.


“I told them that I was going to make English the most important subject at school and put Chinese tourists as my top priority,heeheehee, math is not a strong point in the city I’ve grown to love over the last 3 months.”


I’m extremely surprised that Harvard actually invited this shrew. I wonder how much they paid the school lol. Probably hundreds of thousands of $.

I would be even more surprised if Harvard students actually turn up at his retarded lecture. The mayor of a city no one’s even heard of? Lmao.

Even breathing the same air with this cunt would make one dumber. No thnx.

I hope something bad happens to him during this trip.


I hope not, otherwise he won’t be able to embarass himself, plus people on the receiving end of misfortune usually gather sympathy. Let him embarass himself for the next four years and people will return to their senses. Besides, his election might even be a blessing in disguise.


Well it can happen on his way back.

Maybe they invited this piece of shit to show Harvard students that voters elsewhere are just as dumb as Americans are, if not more, so that they would feel a bit more hopeful about the future of their country.


The CCP must be delighted, their man is being legitimised by the Americans.

I actually wrote an email to Harvard questioning the reason behind the invitation, unsurprisingly I haven’t heard anything back.


Not just on the way back. I mean for the entire term.