Koreans go to Czech Republic all the time or something?

I’m I’m Europe for the first time. I had a layover at de Gaulle. Spotted this t-shirt:

My connecting flight to Prague was delayed. So I’m stuck in Prague for a day. All the signs at the airport had Korean. Strange.

Yes, it’s becoming a popular place to visit. And I think they have a growing number of korean immigrants. Seeing Korean signs isn’t all that strange in the EU. Japanese and Chinese are common as well.

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There’s massive numbers of Asian tourists to Europe. It’s like Disneyland to them, check all their Facebook posts. Some of them have more posts of Europe than their home countries.


Lots of direct flights between Incheon and Prague. Also quite a few Korean soap operas (partially) shot in Prague, which helped its popularity.


Some of them have more posts of felines than their own species.


Yeah, that too.
Over 30s starts getting bad…

One word: oppas
Two words: reality shows
Three words: Korean soap operas.

Happened the same to Alhambra -soap opera- and Canarias -reality show.



On an unrelated note, I landed in Melbourne and the signs are both English and Chinese.

With the amount of money the Chinese are spending there, it is the very least they can do.

Interestingly last time I was in the Whitsundays, I noticed a lot of the Japanese signs seem to being replaced or subtitled with simplified Chinese.

When I was in New Zealand last year, most of the signs in air ports had Simplified Chinese along side English, just like those Melbourne signs you posted.

I wonder how Chinese, Koreans, etc. make fun of foreign countries online after they have spotted mistakes on those type of signs during their travels…


There are a lot of Taiwanese tourists in Prague as well. When I was there in 2016 I couldn’t turn without hitting a Taiwanese tourist.

Japanese signs are somewhat common but frankly I don’t see why at all. There are so few Japanese tourists in Europe. Even less than Taiwanese tourists. They’ve probably had them since when Japanese were the only Asian tourists like 30 years ago and never bothered to update.

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Signs, no problem, Chinese police policing abroad -like in Venice, Italy- we may have a problem.

There was one really famous one which was set there completely. Loads of Koreans visited after that.

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At de Gaulle they had no Japanese, only simplified.

Funny, I asked for an adapter at the hotel lobby, and they opened up this box and gave me an Eva Air universal adapter that someone left.

Why do I feel I am talking to a wall? I mentioned that with video a few posts ago! That is the key to fame! Oppas!

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I wish I knew more art history so I can appreciate Praguem

So, are there a lot of Taiwanese tourists in Europe or not? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They’re allowed.

Good business acumen on the part of the Czechs.

Maybe they got sick of burning to a crisp and be hit on by local gigolos on the beaches of Guam.

I think I will also go visit and spend some money there. Prague’s mayor is pro Taiwan. He did his medical internship in Taiwan if I remember correctly.