Koreans go to Czech Republic all the time or something?

Holy crap. Levi’s cost over $100us in Prague! Insane!

Do they also hand out the same little bags of pills for every ailment?

Massage and Over are super cheap. Czech Republic like Taiwan, designer brands are more expensive?

American backpackers used to bring new Levis to the USSR and Eastern Block countries in the 80s to sell on the black market.

Same with that cheap Guatemalan poncho crap the hippies used to bring back for pennies and sell at Dead shows for…er…dollars.

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Got local jeans for $24

There are a lot of Taiwanese tourists and Japan’s population is 5 times the size of Taiwan’s. Is it that hard to understand?

There’s a lot of Taiwanese and Chinese in Italy. Chinese immigrants come and they actually make a pretty good living. One reason is they’re willing to work harder and longer. Italians don’t work very much each week.

I’m actually about to pick up the Taiwanese ambassador here. Officially I think it’s not to Italy but to the Vatican.

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Oh heck yeah. Prague ends sister city agreement with Beijing over one China policy.


I think I will go to Prague and spend some money there now. They got big balls.

They don’t need anymore tourists anyway…Already got way too many in most European cities. How are more Chinese tourists going to benefit anybody there !

There’s a bit of a weird phenomenon in Taiwan. Taiwanese seem to love going to Europe and overseas for vacation but still act very weird around foreigners in Taiwan.

So true so true

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I was always curious why cities like Barcelona or Rome don’t set significant tourist taxes. That should reduce tourists while increasing income at the same time.

They are starting to do this in many cities.

They’re probably mostly written by native speakers. :2cents:

The Japanese signs go back a few decades, don’t they?

Are there any international airports in Oz that don’t have Chinese signs by now?

If there are, I’m sure Winnie will be writing the civic authorities some strongly-worded letters.

It’s like going on safari. It’s nice to see elephants and tigers in their natural habitat, but you wouldn’t want to invite one over for tea.


Yeah they might mess up the carpets.

They probably act weird among Europeans in Europe too. I don’t see any contradiction.