I’ve never considered them before. They are the dog’s bollocks.


Is that praise?

@slawa does “Die sind die Hundeklöten” work similar in German?

It Is the highest praise.


Kraftwerk were a VERY important group. The first of the new wave of bands to totally remove guitars from rock. They single-handedly created the cold, dark, robotic sound that would transform modern music.

I have a couple of their records, but rarely listen to them. Me, I like guitars.

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Ah, come on :slight_smile: Europe Endless especially at 1’43"

Before I only heard bollocks in negative connotation. But there are positive use cases as well.


I’m having difficulty imagining the time and place where that uhm sound is best appreciated?


Don’t want to brag but seen them play live 12 times over a 20 year period, first one 1978 last 1998.

They really are “The Dogs Bollocks”

Extraordinary how 4 guys standing still doing fuck all have a spell over you.

As a Deadhead, I understand that level of commitment. Kudos. :bowing:

And there looks to be a LOT of acid in that crowd…which could account for the spell. :whistle:

I know last time I enjoyed their company I had consumed 2 ecstasy tablets, numerous lines of coke, half bottle of champagne.

I’m sure they was brilliant.

First time I had drunk or consumed nothing to alter my perspective.
I was young and drunk with enthusiasm.

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Thank you for that.

The best Dead show was always the next one!

Wow, I’d brag!