Kratom in Taiwan


Just received package from Borneohale.

I have to admit that they’re efficient,
but they also aren’t good at packing.
The powder nearly burst into air as I carefully opened it with a box cutter.


Glad to hear that. However, I have done a lot of reading up on Kratom since I posted on this thread and it appears to be every bit as addictive as opiates. I would love to learn of your experience with Kratom (on this thread or you could p.m. me). I’m an ex-junkie and am not willing to go down that road again. The thing that seemed so alluring about Kratom for me was that it supposedly has a somewhat ‘hard drug’ type buzz without the addiction.


If you are serious about staying clean. Stay clear. I don’t know your story but I’m guessing it was pretty bad like everyone’s. I would not risk it.


I am interested too, if you have any left.


I have the same doubt. However, I’m a rookie too.
For me, the Reason buying that is to help with my depression disorder, insomnia as well.


I wonder how many people need Kratom in Taiwan…just comes to my mind.


Yes, respect the kratom! It IS addictive…having previously (years ago)
becoming majorly addicted to it. I was getting it from US suppliers and
now, having had it from the original sources shipped to me from Indonesia
here in Taiwan, the addiction did not occur. It’s actually been almost a
year since I last ordered, although it keeps crossing my mind to order some
more. The withdrawals from a major kratom addiction are VERY real…the
physical, then psychological symptoms–although by no means as bad as
"prescriptions", withdrawal is withdrawal. So believe when they say “less
is more”, it actually is. I learned not to reup my dose throughout the
day–it actually DOES last all day just you will experience difference
things throughout. First the energy, the elevated mood, then a nice
peaceful sleep–all from one daily dose. Also, I’ve read, and perhaps this
is also why I didn’t get addicted last year, to switch out different
strains to prevent addiction. As with anything, too much is never
good…and while some may never get addicted, others have the potential for
it to easily turn into a full blown addiction.


Probably more than we realize. I actually met a foreigner who also was
looking for it…and we would have it shipped then go to each other
sometimes if we ran out to “borrow” some until our next order arrived. Oh
and be sure to tell the supplier NOT to label it as tea (customs actually
called me about it when they received it and I thought they were going to
confiscate it. But then they told me, well, as long as I DO NOT order more
than 1 kilo at a time, it should be fine–I never told them it was
kratom…I went with the whole “tea” thing the supplier put on there…and
customs kept telling me, you can get any tea you want in Taiwan lol.)


Here is a good litmus test for Kratom: Can you get a vigorous workout 3 to 5 times a week while “using” everyday? If you can’t, then I can’t do it cuz I replaced the big H with exercise after my complete recovery.


You can definitely get a great workout on kratom. You’ll sweat more than
usual too. I didn’t find it hindered me on anything actually.


Thanks for that info @kvsouth, interesting.


Not necessary a good thing for @Hoffacurse. I would highly recommend staying away from kratom if you want to stay sober. It’s not necessarily Kratom is bad or have no benefits, but ask yourself why you want it? You want to chase that high, even a little without shooting dope? Behaviors like that leads you back. I’ve lost way too many friends to opiates. Hell, i’ve gone through my own issues after getting a doctor that freely gave it out like candy after tearing my knee. Shit is no joke.


Thanks for your thoughts @Andrew0409, appreciate your concern.


I bought Kratom my mom in Taiwan for her SLE ( So, I love to help if you need some. Just PM me if you’re still interested.


Where are you located?


So just to be clear. There’s no laws on Kratom or shipping kratom to taiwan?


I’m in CA, my family’s in new Taipei city


In the years I have been ordering kratom, I have found the MOST professional and honest vendor straight from Indonesia. In fact, he’s become a new vendor for a few people I know and also helping others develop stores in the states. If you’d like his information, please message me. I will also inform him that you may be contacting him, and for you to use me as a reference. (No, I do not receive compensation for this—I just am happy to help an HONEST vendor with quality products who ships right away.)


Hey peeps, there’s a new Kratom vendor in Taiwan:
English ->
Chinese ->

It’s more expensive than shops in the US, but with shipping and customs taxes, it’s probably a wash and you can get it in a couple days.


Wow! Thanks, good to know for the times when you want it fast! More
expensive than the US?? Whoaaahhhh!!!