KTM motorbike

I brought my used KTM 690 Supermoto with me when I moved here earlier this year. Yes, I had to pay some import duty but it was in an acceptable range after declaring an reasonable value with experienced shipping agents.

However now the next hurdle is to get a license plate. Does anyone have or know anybody with a licensed KTM 690 bike in Taiwan (dealer or self import)?
The formal licensing and testing, as already described in another post of this forum, is really painful (TWD 100k+ and no guarantee to pass).
Even if there are dealer imported bikes of the same type already on the market…

Let me know if you got some information. Thanks

BTW: In the week of 27.06.11 I plan a short bike trip along the east cost using a 1 week temporary license. If there is anybody who is interested to join, contact me.

my advice is to look for a local motorcycle shop of “big bikes” and ask them to do it for you for some extra money…

Had a KTM 640lc4 Supermotard. It was a personal import but had been done though a dealership by the first owner of the bike. I would do the same. Pay the fees and get it done by people who know the mechanics of The Taiwanese traffic authorities. Might actually go faster.