Kuei Shan School in Taipei

I only found one other topic on this school, and it was from the perspective of getting a job there and none of the questions were answered.

I am interested in sending my kids to a new school in Taipei and was wondering if any people had any recent experiences with the school and, if so, what they were.

How old are the kids?
its bilingual in elementary school, then in middle school it is English i believe (IB program)
i know some families that send their kids there, and they are generally happy with the school. it is more Taiwanese than International (the curriculum in Chinese is focusing on Taiwan).
My son played against their football team a few times and the kids seemed nice, and parents seemed nice too.

5th grade now; would be 6th grade when they’d start. Their Chinese is at about a 5 year old’s level, though I’d love for it to get better.

then I’m not sure they can make it, 6th grade chinese is quite intensive.

Oh, so they don’t switch to English in middle school?

I dont want to give you the wrong info. Best is to ask them . I believe they switch to English in year 7.