Kung Fu Hustle

I’m in the US now, so I’m wondering if this movie has already been released in Taiwan.


I was surprised by Stephen Chow’s “Shaolin Soccer”–wondering if this one is as good.

Yes it has, and it is freakin hilarious!!! Better then Shaolin Soccer!

Stephen Chow is a god.

Everything has been said. End of thread.

I saw it the other week. Well worth it! It is clever, comical and…just a little bit silly. I rate it over Ocean’s 12 anyday of the week.

L :smiley:

Are there English subtitles for us foreign devils who can’t speak Mandarin?

是啊! OOOPS, :blush: I mean “Yes!”

Honestly, it’s great.

I’ve got bruises from one of my students imitating the moves.

I saw this a couple of days ago and I have to admit that I actually that I just didn’t get it for the most part. Sure, there were flashes of comic genius, like the bit where Chow kept getting accidentally stabbed, and the keyboard assasins scene, but all I really saw were special effects (admittedly great) and slapstick martial arts with absolutely nothing to hold them together. Also, I have to say that some of the violence was incredibly uneven when blended with comedy (the shotgun-blasting of the girl at the start was way off-key). Maybe I just don’t “get” this style of movie-making, but I still write it off as a failure. (It gets 2 out of 5 stars from me)

I think that’s the problem right there - you’re not supposed ot “get it”. Chow’s style is the very essence of not-getting-it-ness.

That was one of my favorite parts. :laughing:

I also heard a bunch of the characters in the movie are taken out of some Kung Fu novels most of us foreigners wouldn’t know about. Like that husband and wife team, and going insane trying to learn the frog style. I even know about the styles the three kung fu dudes in the village did.

I liked it. Thought it was a good job of mixing old school with new school effects.