Kung-Fu / Karate Provocation against Asians?


I was traveling in Germany alone.
I encountered the most blatant act of provocation in a nightclub.
It was so blatant that I thought I was on a hidden camera television program or something.

There’s a blonde-haired blued-eyed guy who was also a guest in the club.
He looked like a non-local himself, I couldn’t make sure his real nationality because the club has various International clientele.
I did not know him, never saw him before, we were absolutely strangers to each other.

But he started making some kung-fu moves / karate chops, and some barking / shouting toward me, obviously, after he saw me having an East Asian face.
And not just once or twice, he pulled that stuff literally every time I walked past him.

At first, I just ignored him, because I thought he was mentally ill, and there’s no point reacting to a patient who talks or acts crazy.

But later, I found that he was actually talking to the bar staff members quite normally like a healthy human being. Few minutes later, I walked past him again, and he did all those moronic tricks again. All this proved that he was deliberately acting like that out of his free will, instead of an act due to mentally ill.
I hold my nerve, talked to him in peace, "With all due respect, Sir, this is not funny."
He shrugged and replied,"This is funny."
I had a few more sentences with him explaining to him that what he was doing may be considered offensive and racist in other parts of the world, but he didn’t seem to understand me. (Apparently, both of us were not English native speakers, so not sure if it was a language barrier or he just simply not listening to me.)

Okay, obviously, he thought what he did was absolutely legitimate.
I saw there’s no point mingling with him anymore, and for god’s sake I was in Europe for vacation, not there to educate some European moron about cultural respect, so I ignored him completely after that.

That guy was at the same height and size as I, so I wasn’t really terrified by his kung-fu or karate stuff.
I just couldn’t understand how his brain operated.

After I told this encounter to one of my European friend, he replied something interesting.
“Generally, if Europeans have a strong dislike or hatred against a certain ethnic group, Europeans will usually dodge them. The fact that the guy was very open and blatant meant that he did not do that out of dislike or hatred. I don’t know. Maybe he just wanted to say hi to you or make you laugh or something.”

What do you folks think?
What would you do if you were me?
And, please, don’t tell me "Just pummel that guy!"
I was there for vacation as a foreign tourist, and I’m a well-behaved person who have never ever got into a fight, so I think that was the best way I could deal with the situation back then.


He was trying to tell you about the upcoming King of Iron Fist tournament. Rumour has it the winner takes ownership of the entire Mishima Zaibatsu.


I’d agree with the person who said it was probably not out of hatred. He was by the sounds if it being belittling and rude. But may or may not have been intentional in that. If he was being hateful he would probably have said things like go back to your own country etc. I wonder if he was drunk. Also the sense of ‘humor’ can be quite slapstick in some places.


He’s a dick. Ignore


The guy was an asshole. You handled it as best you could.


Shoulda touched him with the karate chop, IMO.


Should have hail hitler his ass in the throat


What upsets me most was that he was a completely healthy and normal grown-up, who is not mentally insane, not taking any drugs, not being drunk, etc.
If you try to stand in his shoes, you find that the way his brain operates is quite disturbing.
East Asians=Kung-Fu / Karate monkeys who fight and shout ( hence the way he mimicked) all day long, so I don’t need to socialize with East Asians in a normal way.


Was he Stefan Raab, by chance?


Seriously though, I think the thing here is that in places like Germany they have little to no experience with Asian people. Granted I went to Germany back in the early 2000s, but in my three times going there the only Asians I ever saw were the owners of a Cantonese restaurant. So, most people only know them from TV, especially dubbed kung fu movies. Kind of how a lot of people think all Germans are Nazis. It’s no excuse for people like him to act like a dick, but I think this kind of thing is still to be expected in Europe, and even places like the rural US, and Latin America.


jesus christ that clip…

as for this sort of thing if its really that bad just pull your phone out, film his ass and stick it up on youtube. talking didn’t seem to solve much.

i think theres several countrys in europe i got the impression asian people are not that well liked though. could be the swarm of chinese tourists leaving a bad impression, who knows.


I don’t know if it’s the same in every European country, but in many places there’s this kind of double standard:

a) Asian person (China / Japan / Korea…you know) :“Goddamn Asian people coming here to steal our jobs and work for lower wages”

b) Middle Eastern / Indian / African person:“Cool guys, they’re such hard workers and do stuff that my lazy compatriots don’t want to do”

I have literally no idea why/how/when it started, but I find this kind of behaviour to be very common (and stupid).


It’s not the same in every European country, East Asians are fairly well respected in Ireand and U.K. I mean you do get ignorance and racism , but it’s the Africans and Muslims who would get the vast majority of shit (for some obvious reasons I may add). Nobody ever thought an Arab was a hard worker…ever.


It has been claimed that in some parts of Europe people look down on blacks who appear to be immigrants (the stealing our jobs thing) but are polite to blacks who appear to be tourists.


Many stupids behaviours in Europe, but your comments are so far from the truth that they become funny. Have you really ever been to Europe?


Born and raised there for 30 years. I could pin point the areas where Chinese workers are considered job-stealing scum while people from other non-European nationalities are considered hard workers.


Please pinpoint the many places you mentionned :slight_smile:

You’ve changed quite a lot the meaning of your first phrase (east Asians to Chinese, Africans and Muslims to non-Europeans), but it is still a very absurd racist opinion.


Do you know where the double standard comes from?


I didn’t change the meaning of my sentence. Considering that in my previous reply I already specified what I meant by “Asian”, i didn’t feel the need to rewrite the whole thing again, especially when the vast majority of Asian workers (Chinese/korean etc…so we’re clear on that) in Europe are from China.

Where did I write anyhing about muslims ?_? That’s not a nationality, let alone a race. I wrote:" people from other non-European nationalities are considered hard workers.", with that:“OTHER” refering to any non-Asian (Chinese, Japanese etc…so we’re clear on this…again) country.

I didn’t think my first reply was that hard to understand.

As for the pin-pointing: any major manufacturing region in Southern Europe.


I have no idea. My gut feeling is that many people feel some sort of resentment towards foreign workers because in many European countries (especially in the South) unemployement rate is extremely high, with young people below 30 having as high as 40%+ unemployement rate. The reason for this double standard may be due to the fact that if you complain about foreign workerers with dark(er) skin you run the risk of being called a racist even if your complaints have nothing to do with the race itself, while it’s very rare to be called a racist if the target of your complaints is of the same skin color or even lighter than yours.

Mine is just a guess though, this double standard is extremely stupid and I don’t really have a clear idea on when, why and how it started. The region where I was raised has always been extremely open to foreign workers, and as long as they do things legally no one has ever had any problems. Of course there can be the occasional racist comment here and there, but it’s few cases, mostly coming from dumb people.

In some manufacturing areas many factories hire Chinese or South-Eastern Asia workers who have previous experience in that field (assembling, sewing etc). This led to many locals struggling to find a job and basically being “replaced” by foreign workers with similar skills who are happy to work for low salary and without many benefits because quality of life is still better than in their own country.


Just for the record, I have an impression that East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, etc) are still considered foreign and alien than any other non-White ethnic groups in Europe.

For instance, when I was taking trains, I got quite a few stares from other passengers, yet other non-White people hardly encountered such a thing.

Some ethnic Chinese (at least myself) look like Latinos or Turkish (I mean, we have the same hair color, same skin tone, I’m hefty and many Turkish in Germany are hefty, etc)
More than one time, I was seen as Turkish when people just saw my back or saw me walking past without having a clear look at my face.
And when they thought I was Turkish, they didn’t bother giving me stares or tried to approach me; however, later, after they found out I was East Asian or Chinese-looking or whatever, they started staring and approaching me, asking “Where are you from?”, etc.

I mean, if they’re doing it in a friendly and normal socializing way, then it’s fine.
But, chances are that there’re still morons out there, just like the guy I met in the club.