Kung-Fu / Karate Provocation against Asians?


That first paragraph, I’m inclined to agree with.


It’s racial stereotyping, he may as well have run up and done the slant eyes and shouted “ching chong” and he was probably doing it in front of his friends. I find the best approach is to ask politely “have you never seen a foreigner/asian before” with a polite smile, it’s condescending and should make them feel shameful in their ignorance. You can follow it up with all sorts of demeaning questions, still asked politely but as if they are the ignorant fuck they are, if you have the imagination.


I mean I get it’s a stereotype, but how did it become a laughable stereotype? I would love to be able to go to take time off and go live with xiao lin monks up in the mountains to learn king fu and meditate to get away from the world. I dream of going all around the world like I went to Thailand to train Muay Thai like that to learn martial arts from their original founding place. I wonder if I can use the racism to my advantage if someone did mocking Kung fu moves on me and I just take him out with a nice head kick and say he was trying to use Kung fu on me and it’s self defense.


Sounds like assault.


Speaking of kung fu stereotypes, here’s something a little lighter, specifically a satire on eighties martial arts action tropes. Enjoy…


Too bad we’re not living in a martial art movie.
We’re living in the real world.

Even if I had pummeled that guy, what’s the consequence I would get?
A. His friends backed him up, and attacked me with some weapons.
B. None of his friends backed him up, but the police came and took both of us away, and my vacation was ruined.
C. No one backed him up, no police, I left the scene, but for fear of getting into troubles, I had no choice but to cancel my upcoming stays around that city, which also meant my vacation was ruined.

None of the consequences are tempting.


Andrew, it seems that you’re a fan of martial arts and Bruce Lee.
It may be hurtful for you to hear, but as far as I know, some people do see Bruce Lee, Jackie Chen, Jet Li, etc as some funny kung-fu clowns. They just think kung-fu is funny and laughable.
So, I’m not surprised that some people associated the movement and shout of kung-fu fighting with ching chang chong, slanted eyes, rice, takeaways, etc jokes.


I’ve lived in the Netherlands, and China too. China had annoyances, Netherlands had full on xenophobia, maybe because of the town I lived in, but it was pretty bad. Shouted at, threatened, told to go home, stuff thrown at me, and the highlight: house set on fire in the middle of the night. Wish I was making it up.

Taiwan in contrast didn’t have that kind of thing for me, and no China wind ups either, so I’m good with the occasional sideways glance from a granny :slight_smile:


Called self defense in the kung fu karate circles :wink: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2REG3-Wb5gM


Saw this tattooed on the back of a white female’s neck in the U.S. recently:


Apparently there’s an Asian tatoo artist out there somewhere exacting revenge one tatoo at a time.


Maybe she’s into being tied up? :kissing:


Kungfu taunt is common in Europe. So is the slanted eye taunt (walking pass you while pulling up the corners of their eyes). I had both of those in Germany. Also had kids threw rocks at me.

Such superficial racism is less common in the US, in the US they just deny you stay at a B&B, decline renting to you or something.


Bruce Lee’s distinctive “vocal stylings” are really a double-edged sword. They’re a unique form of branding that added to his image in one sense, but also given to imitation and ridicule.


Dunno about others but when Icon studied self defense, we were taught to scream like that when throwing a punch or kick, seems to help release the energy, or at least that was what I recall.

No way anyone can use Bruce Lee for ridicule in front of me and live! :rage: My first love. :heart_eyes:


…or you get shot.

Taunts and other silly stuff are annoying as hell and people get away with it becuase it is low key. I compare it to vocal sexual harrasment. many people think you should be “honored” for being catcalled. I do not think so. It is demaining and it has a power connotation. Same with slant eyes or ching chong. It is like teh slap they can’t get away with, but in this case, they laugh and make a joke of it and keep on doing it.


Speaking of slaps redneck terminology for kung fu movies is ‘Jap slaps’.

First heard the term from some jarheads discussing movie night on the base when I was in the military.


That’s more like a kiai, which supposedly firms up your core to add more force to a strike. I’m talking about Bruce’s sinuous, sensual vocalizations, which sound more like a caterwaul. The purpose seemed more to hypnotize his opponent, like a cobra hypnotizing its prey.


I would have just given him an abbreviated stiff arm salute and yelled ‘Seig heil!’ back at him until he’d had enough of the race baiting.


I thought that was illegal in Germany.


“But he made kung fu moves at me, Herr Richter!”