Kung-Fu / Karate Provocation against Asians?


I mean I see Jackie Chen as a clown, i hate the guy. He made a mockery of the art. Bruce on the other hand was a legit movie star in the west and in asia. He’s revered as the master by many contemporaries today. Guys like Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Daniel Wu (who by the way is doing a great job in AMC’s into the bandlands) have done well. I really feel like Jackie Chen has really damaged the image of Kung Fu.


And the worst thing about Jackie Chan is how he’s become a stooge of China with all his “Chinese people aren’t suited to democracy” talk.


and how he refuses to be responsible for his illegitimate (and suicidal) daughter. and how he talked about openly not being in love with his wife anymore. the worst thing about jackie chan is jackie chan. he’s just a piece of shit.
his old movies are great though. drunken master is one of my faves.


He has always said things like that, IDK if it’s to get in with the communist party for benefits or he truly believes it. He has always fully supported HK be under CCP control in public and has always said things like he believes HK has too much freedom.

Wasn’t he made the he made the head of the drug committee or something, and ironically his son was caught growing weed under his nose. And he stills openly supports the death penalty for drug charges…but his son got like a couple months. Must be good to be in with the CCP, everyone else gets executed but your own son.


Actually, the kid was caught because of a power struggle within teh Party. more than a stooge, Jacky is now more like a hostage. Tough lords the Communists are.


There seems to be some stereotype that all Asians know kung-fu or some martial arts. I knew this Chinese dude who was from a small town, the type where there are like 1 or 2 Asian families. He said while he was growing up there that all the kids would say not to mess with him because he knew kung-fu. He thought it was funny since he didn’t know kung-fu or any martial arts and actually took some kind of pride in that they thought he was bad-ass.

I think the kids there just assumed every Asian knew kung-fu from watching movies. Wonder if that was like that with that dude. Of course he could have just been a d*ck, but hard to tell without being able to read people’s minds.


Not sure if he’s German, though.
There’s no border within Schengen area, and the club has various foreign clientele like French, Dutch, and Turkish who live in Germany or constantly travel to Germany.

Ironically, in contrast with the fact that people understand the difference between various Western European countries, Asia or Africa are always seen as some generalized entities.
Hence, we got nouns like German beer, English literature, French bread, but Asian food or African dance.


What’s the irony? Wouldn’t that be a typical scenario anywhere?


More like an irony of my own behavior.
I mean I even consider the fact that whether he’s German, French, or Dutch, whereas in that a-hole’s eyes, I am just one of the “kung-fu people”.
Too bad I just don’t know how to be an insensitive a-hole.


Another point on this: until the social media age, it was easy to get away with making fun of Asians in the West because pretty much no Asians would speak up. Sure, Bruce Lee said his goal was to change Western people’s perceptions of Chinese people, but clearly he didn’t quite succeed. After him though, nobody would stand up for the Asian community if they were mocked. “Living well is the best revenge” was closer to their attitude on things.

I think people are still struggling to get out of the mindset that they can’t openly make fun of Asians anymore.

Can’t make fun of blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Asians, or even Polish people anymore. Who’s a guy to mock?


Why, cisgender white males, of course. And Republicans, and Christians, and Trump voters, and…


People who are ignorant by choice.


It’s not racist if you have muh privilege after all. :wink:


Ignoring people like that is surely the best thing to do. In Germany, such “Kung-fu” behavior is quite common for children (at least on the countryside, where I grew up). And some assholes will just never broaden their horizon or care about the feelings of others.
My girlfriend lived in Germany for some years, and while she didn’t encounter the “Kung-fu”, people occasionally did the “squeezing eye”. I think it’s extremely stupid, but luckily she didn’t mind it too much. Many people will also greet all Asians with konnichi wa and fold their hands like for the Thai-greeting. This may be annoying, but I’m sure they just try to be funny, instead of hostile.

On a positive note, I disagree that Asians are looked down on in Germany. I would say, that they are seen as highly educated and diligent people. Furthermore, considering the recent political situation in Germany (the high amount of crimes from refugees and immigrants from the Near East and North Africa are intensively discussed), Asians are seen as “good” foreigners, because they are seldom involved in crime.


Regarding martial arts movies produced by Hollywood and Hollywood alone (means that no movie companies, staff members, or actors from the Hong Kong movie industry are involved), there are some interesting facts.

They adopt American actors that are half Asian and half White, but look more Asian than White, to play a character that is set to be Asian.
For instance, Russell Wong (Father Chinese), Mark Dacascos (Father Filipino), and Don Wilson (Mother Japanese).
Instead of hiring full Asian actors either from Asia or the US itself.

Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son, also half Asian half White) look full White, so he’s not in this category, though.

However, in the movie in which a full Asian is the main character, like in Jet Li’s movies, they play the character of the villain. Russell Wong in Romeo Must Die (2000), and Mark Dacascos in Cradle 2 the Grave (2003), both of which are killed by Jet Li at the end of the movie. LOL.

It seems that the old saying is somehow true to a certain extent, "Mixed-raced are always seen as foreign, and can’t be accepted by both sides."
It seems that there’s an invisible ceiling in the movie industries.either in the US or HK that confines these half Asian half White actors. Among martial arts actors, they are not as successful as full White actors (Steven Seagal , Jean-Claude Van Damme, etc) or full Asian actors (Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc).

Russell Wong (Father Chinese)

Mark Dacascos (Father Filipino)

Don Wilson (Mother Japanese).

Any thoughts?


May be he’s not insane, but he’s an idiot for sure.


Fat people…and no I don’t think that’s cool either.


My thoughts are…if Steven Seagal can still be the king of AXN channel at 1am on a Weds in Vietnam…there is hope for us all.

There’s a niche there that’s needs filling whatever your color!


No way, “fat shaming” and “body positivity” is a thing now, sadly. Unless it’s Trump or Steven Seagal, then it’s OK to call them fatasses.


What about Steven Segal’s America?