Kung-Fu / Karate Provocation against Asians?


Define proper. :idunno:

About the ease of acquiring citizenship, yes some western countries do make it easy, no five year rule etc., as long as you have money.

In Taiwan, money lets you get a Plum Blossom Card iirc, but not citizenship, right?


I’m not talking about the rare cases where you can ‘buy a passport’. I’m just stating the fact that western countries are a lot more straightforward to get on an equal path to citizenship no matter where you are from or what job you do. For example caregivers in Canada can get citizenship. Their relatives can also then immigrate.
They don’t need to marry somebody and then give up their original citizenship.
Plum card means jack shit compared to being a citizen.


Reminds me of the plots of many old HK movies before 1997.
The characters made a fortune, and the first thing they thought of was "Hell yeah, I can migrate to Canada now!"
Canada doesn’t discriminate wealthy people, I guess.


I don’t know about other countries. But I got a green card and citizenship right away because my dad had money and opened a office there. So he used the company to sponsor me. So I hardly call it fair although it benefited me. I didn’t have to jump through hoops and wait like other people. It took my other family members not in my immediate family years in the US, it was a struggle to even get a green card for them.


Also, there’re many people exploiting the loops in different systems.
I don’t know why no legislators ever try to fix it, maybe partly because they’re also the ones using it.
For instance, many non-Americans happened to give birth during their honey moon in the land of US, or many Taiwanese having two nationalities taking advantage of both sides and dodge duties of both sides, etc.


“Contribution to the country” is what they would call it. The more you contribute, the more you get in return.
It’s the same for those who make their kids get admitted to some prestigious schools by donating a library or a dorm to the schools.
Life is far far far easier for wealthy people. It’s universal fact.
Too bad I’m not one of them. :frowning:



Including, appropriately enough, Mr. Bruce Lee himself, who grew up in HK with a US passport, having been born there whilst his pop was on tour with his Chinese Opera company.


You mean posting beautiful Asian girls?


This is from the video you posted. I’m “Lining”? What?
Despite Lin being an NBA star, the only thing people can come up with are still the same old “Chink in the armor”, “Small slanted eyes”, “Rice takeaways”, etc.
Then again, Jeremy Lin doesn’t even have small slanted eyes. So,…it’s like if you want to mock the “Fat American”, at least you should pick someone who is truly fat as your target, shouldn’t you?

Small slanted eyes? You gotta be kidding me.


I never consider it to be righteous to exploit loops in any systems.
But I understand that it’s human nature to do what benefits them most. Humans are born selfish, after all.


Actually I don’t think this was a dodge/loophole. The legality of it was just, I think, an artifact from the (long gone now, obviously!) days when the prevalent philosophy was that immigration enriched the nation.


Another example of how prevalent it is to be openly racist against Asian Americans. If this was a black guy, if someone called him a nigger like Adam jones for the Os when he played against the Red Sox this would be a national uproar. But no one one really cares about this. Worst is that its often POC that puts Asian Americans down like Chris rock during the Oscars trying to bring more diversity to Hollywood that year. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/19353394/jeremy-lin-brooklyn-nets-says-heard-racist-remarks-more-frequently-college-nba?sf77964726=1


It’s every race for himself out there, I think that’s become obvious. No matter what, people from every race will talk smack about other ones.

Blacks love to insult white people and call them honkeys, crackas, etc and say they can’t dance and are all stiffs.

Hispanics call white people gringos, bolillos, they call all Asians crazy chinitos, and you don’t want to know what they think about black people.

Asian people call foreigners tall nose and think we’re all hairy, drunken retards.

In all their respective home countries there are numerous laws discriminating against foreigners.

White America might as well be the least racist among these groups. If they stopped doing stupid shit like “Lining” then it would be indisputable.


Male chauvinist pig!! Institutional sexism! Reinforcing the patriarchy!


NFL player Riley Cooper’s racial slur caught on camera.

And as you can see in the video, the reaction of the guy in green (looked like his friend) is classic, he kept a hand off him right away, as a clear symbol of “You’re going too far! I’m not with you on this one. Don’t get me involved.”

Then, ESPN Sports Center not only took nearly half hour to condemn Cooper but also let out a footage of him apologizing in public.

Imagine if it was an Asian that was racially abused against, “I’ll f*cking kill all those Chinks”, would the guy in green and all other people react the same way?

All in all, as an old saying in “Animal Farm”, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Dr.Milker, I know you’re just being sarcastic, but I think there’s a clear difference between “pure persecutory delusion” and “real harassment / abuse”.

Generally, I don’t care about what others said or think behind my back, until they blatantly pull all those trash in front of my face like what the kung-fu / karate guy did in the club.


Of course. There’s a whole spectrum from real racism to fake racism and everything in between. On the fake side, you have relatively benign phenomena (although not to the person who experiences it) like “persecutory delusions,” and then more cynical behavior like playing the “race” card. On the real side, you have everything from socially condoned but offensive stereotypes to full-out racial violence.[quote=“Mr.Lin, post:128, topic:159824”]
Generally, I don’t care about what others said or think behind my back, until they blatantly pull all those trash in front of my face like what the kung-fu / karate guy did in the club.

Without getting inside that guy’s head, it’s hard to know where he was coming from. He could have been a racist asshole trying to get a rise out of you, or he could have someone who thinks kung fu is cool and in his simple mind associated that with your Asian looks. I guess we’ll never know. In any case, his behavior was definitely offensive, and I think you handled the situation well.


Wait, what you’re saying is, the Dutch were hostile and unfriendly against you because they mistook you as Turkish?
Or they knew you’re Irish, but they just didn’t like anyone else who is non-Dutch?


Pretty much, although it did have something to do with the particular town that I lived in that was a bit backward, xenophobic, and had lots of Turks that were not well integrated. People were friendlier in some other parts of Holland.