Kurt Vonnegut's Blues for America



I am 83 now. What’s it like to be this old? I can’t
parallel park worth a damn any more, so please don’t watch while I try to do
it. And gravity has become a lot less friendly and manageable than it used
to be.

When you get to my age, if you get to my age, and if you have reproduced,
you will find yourself asking your own children, who are themselves
middle-aged: “What is life all about?’” I have seven kids, three of them
orphaned nephews.

I put my big question about life to my son the pediatrician. Dr Vonnegut
said this to his doddering old dad: “Father, we are here to help each other
get through this thing, whatever it is.”

[… from ‘‘A Man Without A Country: A Memoir Of Life In George W Bush’s

His son is wise.

:bravo: :rainbow:

Holy shit! Vonnegut’s only 83? He’s not looked a day under 80 since I started reading his books in junior high.

He really likes his Pall Malls. I haven’t heard anything about him for years. I kinda thought he was dead. I surely enjoyed his books and that article.