Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter



Needs to used with battery service plans.

To answer your question, yes. You get charged for using your own electrcity to charge your batteries. I assume the product isn’t selling well. Nonetheless, definitely a minority that actually has to rely on the charger for power.


Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, and that’s probably the main expense in their scheme.
However, they should give you the option to use one set of batteries that you own and cannot change.
Or give you some deduction according to the electricity costs.


I should cut them some slack. The customer doesn’t own the batteries, so there has to be replacement factored in. Nevertheless, I still can’t help but feel this battery scheme of theirs is a cash cow.

I do agree with Hamletintaiwan. There should be the choice to not use the battery swap or else a credit for your electricity.


I’d like to buy a Gogoro.
When the subsidies are fairly rolled out to all tax paying residents. Which won’t ever happen.

Until then my trusty fossil fuel steed will get me where I need to go




40NT per battery swap. No monthly fee. They’re also providing an at home charger. No information on how much it is or if there’s a monthly fee for that, but I don’t see how that’s feasible if they’re not charging per swap.

The battery system that Kymco has in place is a game changer. Most people, including yours truly, were hesitant about the Gogoro because of the monthly plan. I only hopped on that bandwagon because of the 499NT/month for unlimited mileage. However, once the Ionex is available for test drive, we’ll know whether it’s on the same level as the Gogoro.


The details are very interesting. I’m really looking forward to read some reviews. The starting price seems reasonable and with no monthly fee it sounds like a winner to me (unless the extra batteries and home charger have an insanely high cost).



You can test drive it now, its the same build essentially as Kymcos WEMO electric scooters which they rent around the city. I’ve ridden it many times… a joy to ride. Even though its only 50cc its more fun than my Cygnus X 125 Yamaha… I cant compare to Gogoro since never rode one.


That’s quite an interesting comparison. You rarely hear a 50cc being more enjoyable than a 125cc.

Once I get the chance, I gotta go test one out. Curious as to what it rides like.


The reasons I like it vs 125 gas scooter
Quick response throttle
Good suspension
Quiet- makes for more enjoyable mountain ride
Smooth consistent acceleration
Doesnt vibrate and make a lot of noise like a gas scooter
Can control it with 1 hand easily

Poor Range
Speed is capped at 55?
Battery Meter not accurate


If you like those, definitely consider test riding a Gogoro.


I almost bought one and am sure I would enjoy riding it.
The main downside is I like mountain riding and going long distances and worried about the lack of battery swap areas since all the uphill riding drains the batteries fast. Also the cost of the plans is way more than Id spent on gas… I spend about 150 nt a month on fuel commuting to work daily

Id still consider one in the future maybe there will be a cool Gogoro 4 by then.


Yes, that’s definitely a flaw in electric scoots. Inability to take full day trips without planning detours to charge stations.

I’ve done a few mountain rides on my G2+, but not really an issue when I’m in Taipei. There’s always stations near the base of the mountain around Taipei.


Please turn your Strava off.

My two-stroke piece of junk will need to be changed sometime this year probably. Definitely considering something electric.


You’d be surprised that I do more kms on my bike than my Gogoro.

Don’t forget to use me as a reference if you’re consider Gogoro!


“Going even further, KYMCO has also offered the possibility of allowing other scooter and EV manufacturers to design around their batteries, which could make them one of the first universal removable battery standards in the world.”


The New Many 110 EV can reach speeds up to 59 km/h (37 mph) and comes with a range of 60 km (37 mi).

Max speed not even 60kph? Doesn’t sound like too much fun to ride.


On the bright side, it guarantees you’ll never get a speeding ticket.


*starts recording

Hello Sir. Do you often ride your motorbike at 60km/h+ in Taipei? It’s for…uhm…a poll. Yes.


Not the fastest I’ve gone, but…