Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter



You’ll be receiving your speeding ticket in the mail. No, scratch that. The fine will be automatically deducted from your bank account. Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s one stretch of empty ass road, with no alleys that I speed on. I like my life, no need to lose it speeding through city streets.

During my commute or just getting from A to B, I’m normally not going faster than 65kph. Have most of the light timing all memorized, so there’s really no point in speeding if I know there’s a very high chance I’m going to stop at the next light anyways.


More important to have the speeding camera locations memorized.


This 59km/h better just be on their entry model. Even their range isn’t much to get excited about.


I don’t think anyone is impressed about any electric scoot’s range. However, not much to complain about if you’re using it for city commuting.


Buy an ionex -> get stranded on the mountains during a typhoon -> sue Kymco -> become rich.


Sue a corporation? In Taiwan? Bwahahahahahaha!



Buy an ionex -> get stranded on the mountains during a typhoon -> sue the Chinese government claiming they didn’t do enough to make sure Kymco provided a good enough product -> either become rich or force the Chinese government to admit they have nothing to do with Taiwan

Have I found a glitch in the Matrix?


Be sure to keep posting from the Chinese gulag. Oh wait, the wifi could be a little spotty…


What if Taiwan actually was a Chinese gulag and we just didn’t know?


A bit like Australia used to be a British prison colony…



Fair point about the range. I guess it’s just a mild inconvenience considering there are Kymco dealers on every street corner. I’d just have to be stopping more often, that’s all.


Here’s a write-up from The Verge:

I haven’t read anything specific about it, but I’m speculating that Kymco will let you own your batteries, hence the option to drop off YOUR batteries to charge and pick up YOUR batteries later. I’m guessing they’ll offer two alternatives: own your batteries and let you charge at home or drop off to charge, or be part of their battery swap network and pay a rental fee (like Gogoro).

I’m not impressed with these first two scooter announcements. They seem lackluster to put it mildly, but I imagine they have to start somewhere and it’s easier to start small and simple and work your way up. Gogoro had a better first scooter out of the gate. I’m guessing they’ll target female riders at the start and try to build up their network of charging stations as quickly as possible.


Kymco are dinosaurs, no feeling for future design.


Do you mean style or engineering?


Typical Taiwanese cost down design and copy some existing styles. Won’t catch the imagination anywhere.


“KYMCO originally made parts for Honda.”, so almost all Kymco scooters had Honda engines and other parts which they then copied into their own brand.
So, if you make an electric scooter, please design and engineer something original, special!


Quite ironic , as Honda copied the European model years ago . I guess the difference is that they kept developing the technology . Taiwan seems to still be very much price -driven , which restricts investment. Shame :pensive:


Giant originally produced bike frames for others, then they became #1 manufacturer in the world, so…