Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter


In addition to what others have said here (efficiency, particulate pollution, etc) there is the major factor that electric vehicles can run on anywhere between 0% and 100% renewable energy. Internal combustion engines are, by definition, always 0% on renewables.

That alone is a big reason to shift as many vehicles to electric as soon as humanly possible.


And one more item, even when still using non-regenerative energy: It’s potentially easier to filter/treat exhausts much better in very few big power plants, compared to doing that on every single tiny scooter.

For me going electric is not a solution, but as @okonomiyaki suggested I see it as one important step towards making it easier to move towards regenerative energy sources.


Seems prices and plans already announced a while ago, mentioning a monthly fee of 299NT, not mentioning the “per swap” costs. I wonder if there is a clear overview somewhere?

Here are some links:
Summary in English:
Comparison with Gogoro2 in Chinese:


Now I’m confused…in the other presentation they say no monthly fee…are we being bamboozled?


NO, Taiwoozled!


車款 Model
極速 Top speed
最大功率 Max power output
馬力 Horse power
最大扭力 Max Torque
續航力 Mileage

I think I’d rather get a Gogoro…


Gogoro comes out pretty well from that comparison , apart from being 5x better design.
Price difference isn’t that large.
The subsidies associated are maximums though.


Soooo, aside from the cool looking batteries and free(?) at home charging. Where does the Ionex come out ahead.

What’s the different between the Ionex and the Wemo ride share scooters that are on the streets now? You get to park the Ionex at home and know it’ll be there in the morning?


I’ll never forget the moment when, on my first ever business trip to India, I got into a taxi at the airport and the driver promptly looks back at me and says,

“Don’t worry, sir, I will not attempt to bamboozle you!”


HAHAHAHAHAHA, I love him! (but were his words true?)


Does the charger come with the scooter? For free?

Kymco Ionex is an amah scooter!


How would I know?



Yes, these first Ionex scooters are basically targeting timid drivers.


Oh good . I have always been a timid driver :slightly_smiling_face:


So once I buy it…it will be payback time. Those ahmas won’t even hear me coming…




Time to do some gravedigging (it’s for the greater good though).

I’ll be in the market for an electric scooter at the beginning of he next year. We now have Gogoro in Yilan but it’s very expensive, and since the electric scooter would be our second vehicle and serve mainly to go shopping/to the station/short rides I don’t want to spend that much.

The Ionex is neat, though a bit pricey.

The Cozy is a bit cheaper, it’s fairly slow (it tops at 25km/h, but I read there’s a way to unlock it), battery life is not bad and easy to recharge anywhere

Since I’ve not been following the electric scooters meta in the last few months, is there anything that people would recommend? Possibly something from Taiwanese brands like Kymco/Sym etc because it makes maintenance easier.


Is it? I felt that after government incentives the Gogoro2 was quite decently priced compared to legacy (stinky) scooters when I bought it a few months ago.

The only a bit cheaper ones I saw were for example from “eMoving”, but rather smaller and significantly less power and range if I remember correctly. Heck, even the Gogoro2 real life range kinda sucks in my opinion. It’s hard for me to get much more than 50km out if it.

But how about the ionex? Is it available for actual purchase already? I only saw the PR stuff earlier this year, but nothing about actual availability. I haven’t seen any charging stations either… that would be the only real alternative to the Gogoro2 for me as far as I’m aware of.


How much did you end up paying for it?

I think that if we didn’t already have a good scooter we might be willing to spend a bit more on a secondary one. My wife bought a brand new one last year after a small accident ruined the old one to the point that it wasn’t worth repairing (it was a really old model that we bought second hand, so no big deal).
Considering that a brand new regular scooter would cost in the 40/50k range, I’d like to save a bit of money on our second vehicle.