Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter


There is a reason for that.


A top speed like that is really dangerous…no power to accelerate out of dangerous situations. Why not just get another 2nd hand gas scooter?


It’s like electric bicycles, some do 50 km/h which is faster than the legal speed limit on a 50cc scooter in most parts of Europe.
Right now in Taiwan those e-bicycles are coming up as people don’t need to wear a helmet and they are cheap. Oh, and they ride them on the sidewalk.



I’m not too worried about speed because the purpose of the 2nd vehicle would be to go to the nearby town (3kms), to the bus station (8kms) and similar close by places where I usually go by bicycle. For longer rides we can still use the real scooter.


It was something between 50K and 60K, I can check more exactly if necessary. According to it’s currently NT$53800 in Yilan for a basic Gogoro2, including NT$20K subsidy (without handing in a 2 stroke scooter).


That sounds like not too small distances. How far exactly is the next Gogoro charging station to your home? If it’s not just around the corner, and it’s not on your regular way, I imagine it could get quite inconvenient. I guess if I was in your position and had no charger close, instead of a Gogoro I would rather consider some model like Ionex that allows to charge the batteries at home.

I live just ~700m from the next charger, and that’s what makes the rather low range that I get per charge (~40-50km) no big problem.


I live 6kms from the only Gogoro station I know , which is another reason why I’d favor Kymco’s electric motorbikes. Their stores are everywhere, including near my home, and the batteries are easy to recharge.


By the way, what kind of license do electric scooters need?
I know that below 25km/h they’re considered electric bicycles and don’t need license, but what about others? Do they need the 50cc license or the one for bigger scooters?


Some are 50cc (WeMo, green plate) others like Gogoro is 125cc.


I cannot find this info for the Kymco Many and Nice in their electric version, Feelsbadman


WeMo uses Kymco e-scooters.


Now Gogoro2 offers a home charging station. Around 8k NTD. I would say that makes it quite suitable for your application :slight_smile:


Do you have a link? Is it just that plug-in option from the spring, or is it an actual station that you can take the batteries up to your apartment to charge in?


The latter:


This is a huge step in the right direction for them. I suspect this is in response to the Ionex offering better charging options. I also suspect the price will come down when the Ionex is released. But, I’m happy about this. It means we can now consider the Gogoro along with the Ionex when it comes time to replace my wife’s scooter.


Not positive but unless something changed you still need to pay the monthly fee for the batteries. I don’t think you can opt out of the swap network, even with the home charger. It’s just an added convenience (?)


How much is the monthly fee?


The price plans are on their website, varies based on kilometers driven, but the same regardless of whether you swap batteries or charge at home. Gogoro does not sell batteries. The batteries that come with the scooter are owned by Gogoro, and you rent them by usage.


I understand that they may need an unconventional pricing model, especially considering the batteries can be worn out by being charged at home and then “returned” to a swapping station for relatively new ones. However, Gogoro is trying to have their cake and eat it too on this one. Again, maybe competition from the Ionex will force them to come up with something fairer.