Kymco Quannon

Saw one of these the other day. Looks nice. Is it? Or is it just another shitty little 4-stroke with no balls? HOw much are they?

Link? Picture? Drawing? Explanation?

OK…but its a lot smaller than it looks

specs: … 3_2007.php

Silly that its less than 250cc’s. Might be a good bike with 2 cylinders and at 350cc’s.

This it?

Yeah, that’s it. Another piece of shit single cylinder 4-stroke. Oh well.

Is this new?? There’s a bike made by Kymco that looks almost exactly like this and it’s been parked in my office building for over a year. I thought it looked pretty good for a Kymco but you should see it struggling up from the underground parking lot - not a pretty sight (or sound). Krrrrrrrrrreeeennnnnnhhhggggg-crunch-crunch-krrnnnnnneeeeerrrhh.

Edit: I found a video. Listen to her roar.

Has anyone see the ‘mini’ 125cc made by Hartford? A perfectly proportioned ‘mini’ that looks pretty cool. Too small for me by looks about right for a 125cc motor.

I’m probably going to buy one of those for the gf. She wants to learn and I was looking for ages to find something decent that’s low enough to get her feet down. My buddy at the local Hartford shop let me go for a spin and it felt like riding a toy bike but other than that it would be perfect for someone shorter :slight_smile:

Yeah, well I wouldn’t say shitty, depends what you are in to. They don’t have enough power as a 2 stroke, but they are new with a warranty. They are pretty light, so they would make for some great corners with nice rubber. There are a lot of after market parts for them already, brakes, exhaust, sprockets, shocks, etc. Here is a link of a shop that sells parts for them.

My roommate has been looking at them recently, I guess KaoHsiung sets the price standard for them right now, and the lowest you can find them is $80,000NT. Yeah I am an NSR owner, and they can’t really compare to the power to weight ratio an NSR has, but I think they would be a good buy, and a lot of fun to ride. My NSR really isn’t a daily driver, but you could make a Quannon a nice daily driver and weekend warrior especially if you are commuting far distances everyday.

Speaking of NSRs, I bet loads of cycle parts off this POS will swap right over. Should be a help to the guys who are shopping for spares…

You never know. Maybe Kymco is testing the waters with this. It’s been a while since they sold a bike with sports styling. Maybe something bigger is coming.

could be… but Kymco is usually far more reactive than proactive and the almost identical pricing and styling to CPI’s big wheeled GTR scoot seems a little too close for coincidence to my mind…

I guess it is conceivable that 4 years down the line the sleeping ugly step sister of Kymco eventually felt the pea of big bike popularity through the pile of cash stuffed mattresses and brought a product (read:plastic bits and some stickers) to market to address this popularity, but that’s a big step away from SYM/KYMCO’s standard “buy the garbage we offer, and don’t ask for anything better.” party line…

For the life of me though I can’t understand how Kymco can be so idiotic, still shuffling about and grinning at product releases with their poxy 125cc 4-stroke engine offerings… they have the Venox engine, they must have made at least some of the miniscule tooling and development costs back on flogging that lame horse internationally, so why the hell don’t they realise that if they put a 250cc engine in this goddam Quannon thing, no matter how gutless and heavy, slapped on the plastic whore make up and sold it for under NT$100k people would go for them en masse just because it isn’t a 125cc… :wall:

Considering where the Venox engine came from, it’s not exactly a giant leap of imagination, now is it?

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Link? Picture? Drawing? Explanation?

OK…but its a lot smaller than it looks

specs: … 3_2007.php

Silly that its less than 250cc’s. Might be a good bike with 2 cylinders and at 350cc’s.[/quote]

Hey!!! Three cheers for the lads at the Kymco Art and Design department on their creative color and design scheme oh…wait…


Sorry for a minute there I thought it wasn’t a blatant rip off. Every now and then when I have a tooth knocked out I also look hopefully under my pillow the next morning to see what the tooth fairy has left.

No balls and lots of plastic- great bike for the Hello Kitty Generation.

It’s 150cc, not 125cc (125’s are in Europe).
I raced one with my Kymco EGO 150cc scooter…and won. :eh:

[quote=“TaiwanPsycho”]It’s 150cc, not 125cc (125’s are in Europe).
I raced one with my Kymco EGO 150cc scooter…and won. :eh:[/quote]
Right you are:

Quannon 150

That’s really not that bad for 80K

Yes, Kymco is generally re-hashed shit, and I couldn’t agree more that it’s just an average scooter with new(to Kymco) plastic. But the market here calls for that. How many new bikes can you get for less than 3K USD outside of east Asia? Here, the vast majority of people would never go over 100K/hr on their bikes, and never pay the cost of a 250cc. It’s just market demand.

You could buy a Kymco EGO 250cc for around the same price.

quannon has the same engine as the KTR 150cc 4 valve plant but with dual disc brakes instead of 1 disc 1 drum like the KTR

should be plenty of aftermarket parts to play with

im still waiting for sym to shove a 250cc into the CB125 野狼, why not?

for me…
it’s not a bad bike!!!
but if you want Quannon like Aprilia 125 or Honda Cbr125 it’s still a long way to go!!

At least they’re making small sport bikes again. Maybe more Taiwanese kids will start wanting to ride motorcycles instead of scooters. No chance of a new 2 stroke is there?

I saw one of these Quannons for sale in a bike shop near my work. Has anyone actually ridden one yet?
How would it compare to my 1996 NSR150…

They certainly look nice, but I think I prefer the sound and rush of a two-stroke…