Kymco Xciting 400i

The Kymco Xciting 400i will probably be my next scooter. I’m leaning toward yes. I want a midweight, like the SYM 300i, but a scooter that actually delivers the touted displacement (the SYM is 264cc, the Kymco is 399cc) and power. Reviews of the Kymco 400i are generally ecstatic. A friend in Sanzhong who has one loves it. City during the week, mountains on the weekend 2-up. Anyone on flob own a Kymco 400i?

Unfortunately not. However, you can rent one from this place:

Or so it says. Handy if you decide to try it for yourself.

Actually I got a Kumco Xciting 400i (without the ABS) and I love it…but I added a rear GIVI 45L trunk/case on the back for added space for long trips!

Do you guys have an impression on the demand for foreign scooters in Taiwan? I see a lot of cheap scooters around, that’s probably the point as compared to owning a car but I suspect that there might be some interest in Vespa scooters and so-on. Though I know cars have an import tax (11.5%) which probably raises their prices and helps to shrink the market for cars.

Yes, cannot live in scooterdom without a top case.

No demand for foreign scooters… price is the object. Cannot recall seeing a Vespa in the 'wan. Vespa clones, yes. Real deal, no.

I don’t know where you live in Taiwan, but Vespas - real ones - are common in Kaohsiung. There’s a main dealership in Dashun Road. I probably see 10-20 Vespas around town every day.

Vespa are readily available, just not very popular, RT Mart even have a special on them this week.

OK… I thought the “vespas” I’ve seen were “vespas” and not “Vespas”.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Pauolo, how did the 400i do, 2-up, to Hehuanshan?

I recommend the yamaha t max 530 - a lot more reliable and fun