Kymco Zing Modifications

Alright, I’ve been in Taiwan for over a year now… …been reading the forums for a few months now and decided to finally sign up and engage and what may seems to be a stupid question.

I own a mint condition 1994 Kymco Zing 150. I’ve restored it to nearly brand new condition as it was once a rat bike which was kindly donated to me from a friend who grew tired of it. (Many have asked why I restored it, my simple answer is, I love taking care of any/all motorized vehicles I own). So far I’ve replaced everything except the frame, rims, everything in the motor, with the exception of the rocker arm, and oil-cooler/rad.

The machine is a total pig, it isn’t fast, and nor do I wish to make it any faster. (Unless there’s a way to do it without sacrificing reliability)

However I DO enjoy carving and scraping the pegs going up and down the mountains. Do any of you know where I can get after-market brakes and tires for better turning and breaking power.

I took a trip a few weeks back from Taichung City to Alishan/Yushan area… and felt they were adequate, but did not provide the stopping power I was used to bikes from back home.

Can anyone recommend a mechanic/parts etc. or a good place to start would be?

Or simply just ride it into the ground as it’s not worth it…


EDIT: A friend told me to convert it into a bobber to shed some of the pig like weight it has… any/all insight would be welcome :slight_smile:

If you’ve done all that (replaced everything in the engine except the rocker arm? How/why does that happen?) you’re already a mechanic, or know one.

Zings aren’t usually considered from a “performance” perspective. Maxis tyres are considered to be a good price/performance compromise.

Re “bobber”, you could shed some plastic for a stripped-down look, but you’ll save negligable weight that way.

The tank, however, is very large, so if you’re prepared to sacrifice extreme range you could replace it. There’s a rather rare “cruiser” version of the SYM Legend which has a smaller tank of similar style, so you might be able to get one of them, or the standard Legend tank (much easier to find) or you could perhaps fit a small cylindrical tank off some piece of agricultural /industrial equipment, for a 1920’s dustbowl look. You probably want sprung “tractor” seats with that though.

Wear plus-fours, goggles, and a flat-cap backwards.

Inside your full-face helmet and racing leathers, of course

I’ve seen one or two faked up amusingly as WWII US military bikes, but by the time you tack on the tractor seat, ammo boxes, jerricans and rifle (consider an M1 carbine instead), you probably arent saving much weight.

KEEP THE BITS you take off, in case you want to transfer ownership sometime.

Fit fork gaiters

If you like it, maintain it. It’ll probably last forever.

At any performace shop in your area will be be able to upgrade your front brakes (Fando caliper, stainless steel brake line, Frando mastercylinder and even a bigger disk.) You will also be able to find better rear shocks to work as well. If the shop is good, they should be able to stiffen your front suspension up with different springs and using better oil. That should be enough for your needs. Oh and get some better tires.

Sorry for the messed up English (the double negative is confusing at best). What I meant to say was, the only original parts left on the bike are are the frame, rims, everything in the motor, with the exception of the rocker arm (which is new), and oil-cooler/rad.

I know a good mechanic who does the work for me, however back I’m a bit of a grease monkey. Unfortunately because it’s Taiwan, I don’t have my own garage to do the work, and labour is dirt cheap here.

Any ideas how much a pair of of good Maxis runs? I’m currently running on brand new Cheng Shin Rubber which was how bike bike came (it looks like a smoothed out dirt tire) I feel like the side wall is quite soft. I’ve also read in the forums about a pair of Michelin’s? Any experience?

Fork Gaiters, Plus-Fours… oh no…

Maybe I’ll try to increase the ‘marginal’ performance. Any ideas about better brakes?

Any ideas on where I can go in Taichung City? The front suspension has been firmed up a little the addition of oil on the front end. As for rear shock, ideas?

I have know idea about Taichung performance shops. If you live there, I am sure you have seen some scooter punks gathered around a certain motorcycle shop. There should be something there. Frando brake parts are made in Taiwan, so they are easy to find. There are many Taiwanese aftermarket shop companies that make a ton of different shocks. Anything would be better than stock. Pick up any scooter magazine at any bookstore or even 7/11 and you can find shocks. The Taiwanese made RPM shocks are good. There is a new company that I like called “Taiwanese Best” which are good too. You might even want to get aftermarket springs in your shocks too. Oil can only do so much.

Thanks. Couldn’t find the magazine at 7-11 or Family Mart. I’ll keep looking around.

Try a bookstore, but usually 7/11 has them. Check out “2 wheels or Fun” those are both scooter mags that will have tons of ads for suspension.

How is the compatibility of aftermarket parts to the Kymco Zing. I looked at Frendo’s website. It seems very scooter oriented. (I didn’t see any parts for the Zing) Given the fact that it’s not a performance ride or a scooter, is it just ‘plug and play’ or do parts need to be machined to fit?

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